Saturday, October 13, 2012

Angel's Lullaby

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Magic caresses love ethereal
Arterial world soothing
Angel's lullaby pleasing

This is my first attempt at writing an Englyn penfyr. This form of poetry consists of three lines, the first line is ten syllables, followed by two of seven syllables each. The last word in the first line must have more than one syllable, and it links to the first word in the second line, using rhyme, or alliteration or assonance. The last words in the second and third lines rhyme.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _a
a _ _ _ _ _ b
_ _ _ _ _ _ b

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  1. This is first time that am reading an Englyn penfyr , and I must say its awesome, you make everything look so simple and amazing! Love it.

  2. the sense of use of arterial as make the form is a beautiful thing...smiles.

  3. Today I want to sleep thinking about this.

  4. Lovely, elegant ~ well penned ~ what a versatile and talented writer you are ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

  5. Ah, Green Speck, you worked the form well1 It is challenging to write to form, but the results are often SO worth it.

  6. It's always nice to try a new form. I think you really nailed it :-)

  7. Cool. I tried this form too! It's hard.
    Come by and visit: "She also serves who . . ."
    and "Be an angel" both at

  8. most excellent greenypal for your first time :]. very beautiful.

  9. Wow! I'm learning so much from :) I might try this some time. all your post are inspiring. :> thanks for always visiting and leaving comments on my blog!have a great day!

  10. excellent is the word

  11. I think following forms are difficult for me which is why I think I rarely attempt to follow any. I think you did a fantastic job with this form and I really do like the poem. The picture goes with it too. An Angels lullaby would be very pleasing. I wish I could hear them every night.

    Thanks for sharing your first try at this form with this weeks Angel Theme Thursday. It is very much appreciated.

    God bless.

  12. Sweet sentiment and great to for two different themes this week;)

  13. Very informative and educational but too much for my brain to conceive at this point in time. I am tired.. but this was very beautiful and the title it's self can not be ignored.. You are the master! There is nothing you can't accomplish! Always remember that..

    1. Thanks Crystal ... I know you have been through a lot ... do take care, have adequate rest and regain that energy :-)

  14. First time I hear of Englyn penfyr, interesting, thanks for sharing.
    Yours is lovely, very spiritual.
    I especially like your use of the adjectives ethereal and arterial to join heavens with earth.
    Wish I could hear an angel's lullaby, wow...