Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Black List

There is a unique magnificence in black, an appealing lustrous delight that isn't inherent in other colors. Black is like that blanket which carries the strength to overrule all other shades. Black signifies authority, power, virtue, beauty and élan, all at the same time.

When given the option to select five black things, a lot of random thoughts came into my mind. Black encompasses us in ways more than we can imagine. Innumerable objects possessing this color can be regarded as fantasy and deserve to be added into any wish list. However, I pondered deeply, and after hours of racking my brain, I came up with the following five black items that I would love to own in the present scenario.

1) Black Hair

Still in my late twenties, it gave me a fright when a few white strands appeared on the tips of my head. Mirrors wouldn’t deceive, but how I wish they could at times. Over the months, the count of white strands kept increasing, making me feel older than I am.

An all - black hair is what I need, not only today and tomorrow, but forever, till death do, me and my hair, apart. After all, it does hurt when college going girls start calling you uncle.

White hair is a sure shot villain. Turn them into black, please!!!

2) Black Clothes

Call me lazy if you wish, but washing clothes on a regular basis is a real menace. The shiny white shirts soon turn into gray, and I have to spend almost an hour cleaning hordes of them. Same is the case with other colors. Whether it’s red, green or blue, they all lose their shine after a few wears.

Now, imagine all the clothes are made of black fabric. The dust accumulated on them are not easily visible unless one observes them from close quarters. Thus, it is easy to wear and carry them, ‘cause they always look fresh and smart. Black also holds a certain degree of charisma and dignity, adding that much needed zing in your personality.

3) Black Penguin

Remember the TV show ‘Pingu’? The animated series used to be my favorite, and I never missed a single episode. Now, I always wanted to have a penguin as a pet, the way they flap their wings, and their walk is oh-so-cute. A black penguin would thus add a new joy to my household, giving me company when I eat my favorite rice and fish curry.

However, a penguin needs to be kept in a cold place. Perhaps, I need to rent an ice-skating rink, but then that would require a lot of money right?. Chill, it’s just a wish – list, but if I really need money to fulfill it, the fourth item comes to my rescue.

4) Black Briefcase

I love watching old Bollywood movies, where there is a hero, a heroine, and a villain. The villain, while indulging in monetary transaction, exchanges black briefcase with the concerned parties, and lo, when the briefcase is opened to verify its contents, the audience could see bundles of notes stashed neatly in it.

A black briefcase like that, with loads and loads of money, would certainly fulfill all my basic needs, wishes and desires. No more cash worries, no fear of depleting bank accounts, but only dreams of how to spend this large sum of money. Yes, a black briefcase, just like those villains carried, would change my world for the good.

5) Black Ship

I would love to roam the world, in my own black ship, charting the oceans and the horizons that promise adventures anew. Stories of travelers have always fascinated me, and who knows, I too might come upon an island that has not been discovered yet, adding a new country on the global map

Nevertheless, visiting new shores certainly is an enriching experience, and battling the waves and tides would definitely be exciting. Also, black ships symbolize the ending of isolation. In that respect, meeting new people across the globe, learning their culture and knowing about traditions that I have only read in books, will surely drive away all traces of isolation from my soul.

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  1. do you know Eid ul Fitr: Eid Mubarak! Come and read my message and leave some words..

    Take Care

  2. Quite some choices out there. Classy indeed :)

  3. BLACK HAAAAAAAAAAAIR. I need. I am getting greys too :(

  4. Black to you is full of logic :D
    Hey!! I too used to watch Pingu ^_^

    All the best!

  5. I can't remember in whose blog was it, I read a similar post on black.
    About dark skin, and 5 essential blacks in our lives. I guess that was the female version.
    Yours is the male version. 50 shades of grey should be your next :P

    1. I guess you must have read that in Soumya's post. And there are no 50 shades, just 5 shades till now :-p

  6. While black exudes sheer class, too much of it can make life seem drab and boring. I used to love watching Pingu, thank you for reminding how fun sunday afternoons used to be :D