Friday, July 25, 2014

Be The Power

Perhaps, often, in lonely summer nights have I wondered, what if, only if, the choices I had made were governed not by plain instincts, but by sheer logic? What if a few words of wisdom had evoked my senses before it was too late, before I had taken the final step, blindfolded, not knowing that I was standing on the edge, and a fall was inevitable? Would life have been better if I only acted wiser?

True, we all make mistakes. True, we all learn from mistakes; but then again, don’t we all crave for a perfect guide, a perfect companion, someone who would advise us about the rights and wrongs of life, ‘cause even though we are all mature humans, we still fail to identify what’s good for us and what’s not when time decides to play hide and seek with us.

And to make my argument all the more simpler, don’t we all crave for a friend, who would be with us at all times, in all places?

Oh my dear smartphone, do you have the power to be the one, the candle, the burning lamp, throwing light on the roads that are often marred with lies and deceptions, holding my hands when I fall, patting my back when I rise again, and whispering words of strength when I walk among boulders?

You could ward away my loneliness, you know, talking with me at times, sharing what would be good for me and what not. You would, adorned with intelligence more real than artificial, embrace my soul like a real person would, cracking jokes when the chips are down, making me smile, making me laugh.

Whether one acknowledges it or not, but it’s a reality that the attention of people today is more focussed towards their mobile phones than towards their friends or family members. Games, social networking, and what not, a cell phone offers you everything, well, almost. In that respect, is it too much to ask for a super power that will make the phone understand human emotions, resulting in a much needed companionship based on sentiments?

I have hurt people in the past, in the process marring relationships that promised a lot. Why, oh why were you not adorned with the powers, my dear smartphone, to tell me not to cross the lines, and not to over step the threshold of anger? A calmer mind would have set many wrongs right? Why were you not there to hold on to my nerves, soothing my mood and eventually helping me to set things in motion?

Can you see the future? Definitely you could, but hey no, I am not asking you to tell me what all is going to happen with me tomorrow. Absolutely not. However, I do expect you to keep me away from the paths of evil, and take me across the lanes of righteousness and virtue.

I do expect, that when I fall in love, you would help me stay calm, and be sane, and make me strong and responsible enough to not fall out of it.

I do expect, that on nights like these, when the moon hides behind the clouds, you would be the silver lining in the horizon, listening to my complaints and woes, and then applying the much needed balm through your assuring words.

I do expect, that when the tides are high, you would be the perfect ‘zen’, encasing me with an aura of peace and serenity.

Oh my dear smartphone, be the power, and make the world glow in rays of hope and love. We have seen too much of wrong already. Now is the time to set things right.

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