Sunday, July 20, 2014

High 'Five' Zest

Tucked in my bed, welcoming the monsoon with a steaming cup of coffee and a riveting novel, as the clock silently strikes 12, the moon seeping in through my room … yes, that is zest for me. Reading has always given me the pleasure of exploring a new world, unearthing mysteries that are born in the pages of the authors’ imaginations. The best healer, the best lover, and the best friend, books certainly rate high in my world.

Thankfully, organizations nowadays have come up with several activities that keep their employees feeling happy and refreshed, and helps them to relieve their stress caused due to incessant work load. One of the games that I am involved in is Table Tennis. What can I say about it, friends? A round of Table Tennis, and it surely gives me a boost. A winning run, no doubt, heightens the feeling.

The world is adorned in paints. Don’t we all marvel at the sight of a rainbow decorating the horizon? Thankfully, I am blessed with this love of colors. A fluent brush strokes on my canvas, smeared in hues red, blue and yellow, and tinges of red and green, and time stops still. Passion can, at times, not be defined by words, but with these magical shades.

And like most guys, I do love my PS3 (Play Station). Challenging my brother in games such as Counter Strike and FIFA is fun. The contest is evenly matched, with each of us winning almost equal number of games, and that’s what makes this all the more thrilling. The day ends with plans to get hold of a new game, for the upcoming weekend, the battle planned well ahead in our minds, the strategies flowing in the nerves of we hardcore gamers. Yes, exhilarating truly.

I make it a point to keep an hour daily for myself, and my time with God. Closing my eyes, sitting in the puja room, with the divine scent of incense sticks, my mind experiences an altogether different sensation of zest. I feel calm, and at the same time, energetic, feeling all my worries seep away in the embrace of the almighty. Prayers are a vital part of my daily activity, keeping my optimism, and zest alive, and running.

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  1. After the daily pujas at home, I feel energized as the positive vibes spread by ringing of the bell and lighting of the sandalwood incense stick. Books and colours fascinate me.

  2. This was sweet!
    And you can paint? WOW!

  3. "Me time" always makes us feel rejuvenated and who doesn't enjoy a few games with siblings... Music, words, sports and now you are a Painter? Wow Amrit, a complete artist huh, nice :)