Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Heart And Spade

she digs out his heart
with a spade
a queen
controlling the king
possesses the powers
and the secret card
what story it guards
her gaze mysterious
and yet it commands
authority so royal
an empire shall bow
to this enigma

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  1. Oh I loved this one . . . . I was laughing so hard at the opening:
    She digs out his Heart with a Spade!!! . . . . priceless

    No doubt he was a bit of a Jack the lad she Clubbed him first
    And stole all his Diamonds.

    You are a bit of a Joker and I thought this was Ace.
    But then I read it again and got the mistique that followed
    Loved it.

    Nice to meet you ~ Eddie

  2. good one...it wa slike taka tak taka tak...poetry flew in words and words added to picture


  3. If anything could conquer a king, it is the power of the heart...

  4. an empire shall bow to this enigma-beauty and intrinsic evocative loveliness-it has power and reaches me

  5. she who controls the heart of the king, controls the kingdom...

  6. She probably had her reasons ... maybe he watched porn or drank or something ...

  7. Sharp and skillful. Quite enjoyable...

  8. So good, Amrit. Sometimes we men won't admit how much power women have over us!!
    In my Bible I carry a picture I drew af a heart with an arrow through it. It is captioned "Arlene stole my heart."
    Every now and then I find it and show her (Mrs. Jim). She beams and blushes slightly. I love her still, after 41 years of being married.

  9. ah..women!! You just made me feel supreme :P

  10. Nice words! i am feeling a bit more powerful now :)

  11. The Queen of hearts takes it all! Sharp and powerful write!

  12. True...wonderfully expressed.