Sunday, July 27, 2014


Black is the power, Black is the shade
Black will last, when the rest shall fade
Black is me, and black is you
Black is in old, black is in new
Black is freedom, and valor unfurled
Black ain't a word, Black is the World.

And with these thoughts in mind have I framed up my world, a country named Blackistan where I can be comfortably curled. A land of hopes and a state of dreams, a place where happiness crosses all realms. This is my list, a wish to be precise, when black comes embracing in my premise.

Five points you ask, and five points shall I tell, life would have been fun, if I had a wishing well.

1) Black Chocolate River

Can a country survive without water for long? Oh no no no, that would be so freaking wrong. But hey, here is a twist, what in place of water, chocolates exist? Yes, a dark chocolate river would flow through my land, gifting smiles and contentment like a magic wand. Hearts would wander in the tide, this black river would be my nation's pride.

Black  is delicious, black is lip smacking, this river would be the life, of every living being.

2) Black Taj Mahal

Since years so long have we heard its stories, fascinated by the tales and all the mysteries. Did Shah Jahan really plan to build, a black Taj Mahal, his desire left unfulfilled? Imagine its beauty flooded by the moon, on a cool silvery night when all eyes shall swoon. How I wish the Black Taj to adorn my land, a monument so phenomenal and magically grand.

Black is beauty, black is grace, the shining Black Taj, would illuminate earth and the space.

3) Black Hole

Wouldn't it be better if our lives could glitter, without any tension and all associated fritter. So here shall I wish for a good Black Hole, that would suck all evils from every weary soul, rejuvenating lives in the process, freeing people from every anxiety and stress. A celestial aura shall descend, absorbing the negativities from end to end.

Black is pure, black wouldn't deceive, taking away our miseries, black is positive.

4) Black Google

What about knowledge, what about fun, every world needs a glowing sun. Google would be the savior, the messiah of infotainment, but black in color, an all new statement. The white background, now replaced by black, all sorts of wisdom, to be on the right track. But why black you say, when white has its way? 'cause black has a splendor, and a majestic grandeur.

Black is the origin, black is divine, black is the universe, yours and mine. 

5) Black Flag

Too much of governance have we seen, politicians have left our country unclean. Scams and treachery have looted the land, now is the time to take our stand. A black flag to oppose all wrong politics, let's live our lives without wily tricks. Be responsible for ourselves, and our country, a land of peace wouldn't lead to black money. Walking hand in hand, a new world we frame, let them not play with us anymore, we are not a game.

Black is authority, black will rule, to bring back good time, black's the perfect tool.

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  1. Now this is one of the most creative entries I have seen for the contest. All the best :)

  2. Very different from the posts I have read so far....Nice :)

  3. Wow!! That is creativity at a whole new level!!!! Really awesome picks and I personally like d dark chocolate river idea:P:D sounds delicious to me.

  4. Whoa!
    Hats off to your excellence with words!

    Black Chocolate River? Really? ^_^

  5. Nice one .... very creative.
    - Pulkit

  6. Would like to eat some chocolate from that river

  7. dark chocolate river, I wish I could swim in it :P That is an interesting wish list, you just have to find a black wishing well...

    1. Yes ... now where will I get this well from? ;-)