Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Word Association Wednesday - A New Fun Game

A dear friend of mine, Tanya, has come up with a brilliant game for all the bloggers out there.

The rules are simple, and they are as follows:

  1. You need to select 10 words from the below given series, comprising 55 words.
  2. Add a small post where you associate a word, phrase (not more than 2 words) in front of your chosen words.
  3. Link the URL of the post (not the blog) here.
  4. You have to submit your entries till Sunday night 12 pm. After that voting would start.
  5. Example of the Game,  Goa : Holiday, Roadtrip : punture  , Sunday : Movies.  These are just for exemplifying, you can choose any word from the vast sphere of your thought...
  6. You can either post the link or leave the URL in the comment section of Tanya's blog. Please comment as it would be better to track you easily for other! 
  7. You can write the associated word either in English or Hindi (which ever you think suits best!)
  8. It's compulsory too mention Tanya's blog link in every post so that we can spread the word !! 

List of 55 words (choose any 10)

1. Rain     2. Friendship   3. Life    4. Money    5. Blogging   6. Love    7. Winters     8. October     9. Time
10. Idol    11. Facebook    12. Door    13. Fashion   14. Morning   15. Book(s)     16. Water   17. Las Vegas    18. India     19. Ego    20. Road Trip   21. Saturday   22. Monsoon   23. Hills   24. Maths    25. School    26. RockStar    27. Angel    28. Newspaper    29. Download    30. Teddies    31. Pink    32. Water   33. Black    34. Women    35. Cell Phone    36. T-Shirt    37. Jeans    38. Cricket    39. Dreams  40.Google   41. Scams   42. Luxury  43. Stress   44. God   45. Wedding   46. Experience   47. Shopping  48. Husband    49. Wife   50. Cynical    51.Criticism   52.Judge   53. Philosophy    54. Sunday    55. Elegance.

Here are my words:

Rain: Memories.
Facebook: Time-pass.
Door: Exit.
Rock-star: Guitar.
Luxury: Grand suite.
God: Krishna.
Download: Torrents.
Shopping: Market.
Criticism: Books.
Sunday: Monday.

These words are shared with Word Association Wednesday.

Thanks Tanya for this fun game :-)


  1. My pleasure to have you as a friend :) So sweet of you & the word association is lovely there. :)

  2. Cool..I liked the words you used with every theme, Speck. Kudos...

  3. Nice word association! :)
    I was wondering why books for criticism?

    1. Books get criticized, and as I read lots of books, that was the first word that came to my mind :-)

  4. I too liked the way you associated and played with the words..Bravo!! and nice game :)

  5. I absolutely loved your associations!