Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Dawn Is Worth Waiting For

I stand against the thunder
Guarding my excuses
With the makeshift umbrella
As I vowed never to go back
Hating the picture
Of what I have become
Deceit joined with lies
My delicious flavors
Stinging me deeper
Within this stupid conscience
Why the world shifts so sudden
The axis tilting me away
Deviating the path of light
The dawn will come late
As the sun mocks at my misery
I inherit the pains
The sufferings are my deeds
But now I look forward
To a new birth
The return of virgin childhood
Embracing me with love
And care
And promises
This dawn is worth waiting for.


  1. Every one has a comeback poem...a rise from the poem....

    Yours is unique and forceful...I expreienced the same many a time Im down!

  2. Optimistic!!


  3. The sufferings are my deeds
    But now I look forward
    To a new birth

    So much to look forward to. Things are rosy the way we make it. A new birth, a new beginning! Nicely Green!


  4. So hopeful!! I really enjoyed this poem and seeing how you folded all the words into it so skillfully!

  5. So inspiring! I especially love that part "But now I look forward
    To a new birth The return of virgin childhood"

  6. Dawn and new light is always a welcome sight, full of the promise of new and better beginnings. Thanks for visiting my site,


  7. Forgive ourselves and move on. Great poem with a sense of anticipation of a new start.

  8. whew...i am glad for the turn in the end....the beautiful thing in life is that we can change...i think the realization that we need to is the first step....and then that dawn....

  9. I enjoy it when you write a long poem like this, GS. Well wordled, and very meaningful. I think we all go through some difficult times, unfortunately, and perhaps make some mistakes as we travel through life; but I love the optimistic ending here, the embracing the self with love and experiencing a new dawn, new beginning.

  10. This spoke very clearly, deeply to me of the human experience and the need we have to be forgiven, to forgive ourselves and to begin again.

  11. What can I add that those before me have not already said? Welcome to Wordles!
    Some of us are lucky to be able to change ourselves earlier than later in life.
    I think poetry offers poets the chance to be children again, and again.

    My Wordle is here:

    1. You have said it perfectly ... thanks for this warm welcome :-)

  12. Hi, liked the positive closure...being a child again is something worth waiting for indeed..

    1. I truly agree with you ... thanks so much :-)

  13. Can't wait for tomorrow...!