Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Slogan Of Awakening - #AbMontuBolega

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, they say. Who are this ‘they’ by the way? Leaders, thinkers, philosophers? Aah, do not make wild guesses. ‘They’ are us, you, me and everyone.

We all appreciate the beauty and power of cleanliness. We share Facebook posts and tweet about initiatives that have taken place in our country on behalf of Swach Bharat. We, trying to be a part of the noble cause, wake up early with a broom in our hand, and determination lit large on our face, sweeping the streets in our colony, beaming with pride when we upload those pictures on social networking sites, gaining likes and appreciations from our friends. But is that all? Is our duty towards a clean India confined to a few minutes of social work?

Cleanliness isn't just a physical aspect. Rather, it’s also about our mental and psychological well being. And along with keeping our neighbourhood and country clean, we should also try to rid our mind with all sorts of pollution and obstacles.

It’s time to raise our voice, show our concern, sweep the broom and clean every nuisance in our society.  Strepsil’s new campaign #AbMontuBolega is an awareness drive to raise our voice and make a difference. It’s about performing our duties as citizens of this country, as well as human beings, standing up for what is right and admonishing the wrong. Let us ignite the Montu within us, and voice our opinions to make our country better.

For instance, there have been numerous debates on Black Money stashed in foreign bank accounts, and several promises have been made by our leaders to bring the money back to India, for the betterment of the country. We get to hear about these almost on a daily basis. But is that what we have been reduced to now – a blind spectator, a mute audience? It’s time to exercise our power as citizens of one of the largest democracies. Most of us have honest means of livelihood, but when we see dishonesty and corruption ruling the roost, our blood boils. With a large fraction of the country below the poverty line, we demand a thorough and quick probe, and to make this nation corruption – free as soon as possible, because #AbMontuBolega.

Potholes are often left uncovered, and there have been several accidents of kids and adults falling into them, losing their lives. Whom do we blame? The Government of course. This is something we need to change. We need to take responsibility at times. It’s easy to pass on the blame, but instead of doing that, we can spend a few minutes and cover those open potholes, thus saving lives on the way. Listen to your inner conscience, because #AbMontuBolega.

Talking of safety, how can we ignore the crime and violence against women? It’s sad how even in modern time and age, when girls and women have achieved such great heights, they still feel unsafe walking on the roads of our metropolitan cities. We can boast of developments in fields of technology and economic, but without ensuring our women a proper environment to live in, can we really feel proud of our society? Stricter laws must be implemented and harsher punishments should be meted out to culprits. Along with that, we also need to shift our mindset, respect women like we respect and pray the female deities and Goddesses, because #AbMontuBolega.

Swach Bharat isn't just a daily or a weekly or a monthly program, but an initiative that we should adopt in our heart, working for it effortlessly. Nothing is perfect, but everything can be made better. It’s time we clear our mind and get rid of all the clutter, focus our soul in the positive direction and raise our voice for the right causes.

We have been quiet for too long, and hence it’s time to speak up. Let’s unite and march ahead, and shout the slogan of awakening - #AbMontuBolega.

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  1. I have tagged you in #WillYouShave activity by BlogAdda on my post will you shave or not ? I am sure you will accept my tag and participate :D ;)

  2. M literally speechless after reading your post. Your writing is truly brilliant!

    1. Thank You Geetika ... thanks for your kind words :-)

  3. that's a very good point. i agree, this cleanliness drive should be a part of our attitude and habits for the time to come and not just a weekly campaign where we pose with brooms and dusters and post the same on Twitter and FB. Mental cleanliness is requited the most. Nice take :)

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