Thursday, November 06, 2014

Surprise Was

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surprise was -
     on a bright March morn
     Spring blooming in dawn
     lips nervous, eyes raining wide
     bent on my knees, proposing for a ride
     "Yes," u said
     "Forever," I prayed.

surprise was -
     the summer I turned twenty
     in June, gifts received aplenty
     but none as special as this
     closing my eyes, I experienced bliss
     our first kiss, witnessed by stars
     ever so special, I knew we'd go far.

surprise was -
     autumn breeze in September skies
     colours fading amidst those lies
     the first glimpse of distrust, and you said "Sorry"
     things would be fine, I hoped, trying not to worry
     "Let's start afresh, let's give it a try,
     the ice would melt, baby please don't cry."

surprise was -
     December cold burning with tears
     crushed under blows of myriad fears
     you said you've found someone, and departed with a "Bye"
     I sat down on the corridor, trying to find out "Why"
     a new year around the corner, but would Spring ever be back
     I try to erase, but your scent still lingers on my track.

This Poem is shared with Mindlovemisery's Menagerie - Surprise.


  1. ohhh..that was such a piquant poem Amrit. From the beautiful dreamlike beginning to a sordid end surfacing a heart-breaking betrayal, each word is laden with intense emotions..loved it

  2. Awwww .......That's so beautiful :) Just Loved it :)

  3. Different seasons of love.. Nice!

  4. So many of us can empathise with your does not last and a much lovelier girl will enhance your life like a
    new breath of Spring... :)

  5. ah how we toss around words like love and forever without really comprehending their meaning...what a hard place to be as well...small betrayals of the heart---they hurt....

  6. Such a heartbreaking story! :/ :( Touched !

  7. May the march morn come again.....
    This was yet again a brilliant one.

  8. wonderfully worded Amrit, varied emotions like the seasons...

  9. Such rawness here, Amrit. You cold feel the hope and joy breaking down bit by bit.

  10. All the seasons in beautiful words. I had tried Haiku on seasons and posted earlier.

  11. I m here for the first time...
    And... WOW!!!
    Its so beautiful... :) :) :)

  12. I hope spring surprises you with joy. Beautifully penned.

  13. This is heart-breaking, poignant, and tender, beautiful writing Amrit