Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kill That Love

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smoking kills
and so does love
time for you
to nip that bud
laid on a platter
a home grown skull
me, am the Captain
commanding the hull
follow my orders
like a blood sucking leach
how to kill that love
is what I will teach

go out of your way
burn those hearts
they are freaking potholes
obstacles on your path
you need them no more
times have changed
betrayal is the key
honesty to be feigned

kill that love, yeah kill kill kill
be the stone that hardly feels
tears won't take you far
smiles are a life long scar
feed those emotions to the evil chill

kill the love, today, now
free your mind of bondage how
wired in dreams
unreal realms
get up hey, romance isn't wow

embrace the dark, let the light fade
someday my friends we will all be dead
what good would it do to be so true
heaven and hell - do we really have a clue
demon is your strength, get rid of the angel
drain all noble deeds, relish as the devil
savour the wickedness, join the club
and I would teach how to kill that love

This Poem is shared with Poetry Jam - How To.


  1. Happiness is ... working side by side ... cursing and making up ... making love at the spur of the moment ... holding on tight to you when feeling sad until sadness changes to gladness ... smiling at a complete stranger is nice too ... cuz when you realize you are not alone, it makes you happy ... for one more day ... one day at a time ...
    I'm smiling at you ... Love, cat.

  2. Oh my, I really don't know if I would want to kill love.

    1. Ah never ... love is gift of God :-)

  3. Do we really want to kill love?

  4. First time I'm reading a 'dark' poem from you... and I'm lovin it ! Pen more of this kind... I tried rapping to this and it was awesome. Maybe you should sell this to Kendrick Lamar ;)

    1. Thank You ... I too love penning dark poems at times, it's fun :-)

  5. killing love may alleviate a few problems
    but i imagine its loss being all the worse,
    in the end...smiles...nice new voice from you

  6. If it really is love it will only inspire you, believe in yourself, help you grow and achieve. So maybe kill the wrong kind - maybe it was just an obsession or just some dark emotion because it can't be love.

    1. I agree ... true love is always a source of strength :-)

  7. wow! that was dark and racy! reminded me of Eminem's raps! awesome :D

  8. aha...dark force is on the rise...kill kill kill...really chilling...

  9. Woah what a surprise, I've never really read something this dark from you.

    Sometimes situations bring us to points we want to kill love.

  10. First thing I remembered was Kill Dil, the movie :-P

  11. A dark poem, a different take on the prompt... :)

  12. I realised this was tongue in cheek. People who are capable of killing love usually espouse to all how selfless and giving they are..Sorry... you don't fit the arch hypocrite role....I think you may even be a soft marshmellow...LOL

    1. Ha ha ... we all have an angel and demon in us :p

  13. Kill one love to raise another love, that would be a great solution :)

  14. One can only know this from observing another. I don't think the killer sees themselves this well!

    1. It depends on the perception I guess.