Sunday, November 02, 2014

Grammatically Insane

I write
when sun (is) bright
November rain
December cold (in) sight
blood shall burn
when I slash that tale
hidden in closet
and spamming my mail
jaded, grey
I, standing (as) a prey
lurk(ing) in fire
am nowhere in fray
you (have) won
while I lost my way
one lone spark
that nervously sway(s)

they call me a cripple
and say words have names
they breath, they grow
and I put them into shame
they mock at me, satisfied
marking my attempts vain
what's my fault
and with joy, they say-
"You don't deserve to write
of smiles and pain
a weak link you are, oh don't feign
you are no author, you are no poet
you are a fake,
'cause you are grammatically insane"

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  1. As a writer/editor, this sent chills down my spine, though I wonder if I took it in the sense you wrote it in...

  2. You know exactly which book i ended up thinking about!

  3. You are very inch the poet...who needs grammar it's content that counts

  4. U made me mentally insane... By the awesomeness of this poem

  5. wow! Amrit, you have got some solid talent in writing! I loved this, it is so interesting and mesmerizing!!

  6. My grammar teacher, you're are amazing! ! ;)

  7. I loved this!!!!
    Very different...

  8. Unique indeed! Who cares about grammar in a poem, that too, when a poem is so brilliantly written. Well done, Amrit! :)