Monday, November 24, 2014

Play And Share, Share And Win

Mobile gaming has taken up the country by storm. The advent of new games that are addictive and socially engaging have made a deep impact in our lives. Gone are the days when we had to think of ways by which we could avoid boredom. Now, with millions of games available for download at the tip of our fingers, we can engage ourselves in moments of fun and excitement.

Most of the games allow us to post our scores on social networking platforms and share them with our friends. What if I tell you that a new concept is being launched in India that provides the players not just the opportunity to share their scores but also with a chance to win real prizes? Surprised? Well, don't be, 'cause Fat Cat Gaming is arriving to turn this dream into reality with the launch of Lucky 6.

At some points in our lives we have all played games dealing with lottery, aiming for the jackpot and hoping to grab the big prizes. They were fun and relied a lot on your intuition, and if luck smiled on that particular day, you won. Lucky 6 follows the same concept. The player has to first download the game on his Android or iOS device, post which he needs to create an account so that he can start playing. The game asks the user to select 6 brands out of a long list of popular ones like Castrol, Wipro, Samsung, etc. Now, on the game day, that player wins whose 6 brands see the highest gain in stocks on that particular day. Isn't that simple?

The best part of this game is 'Sharing'. Suppose you don't win, but you had introduced a friend to this game, and he or she wins the jackpot, then you also receive a bonus. So the more number of friends you introduce into the game, and make them a part of your 'crowd', the higher is your chance of winning a reward. Sharing was never so fun, right?

The user interface is easy to navigate through, and even a new player wouldn't need help or a guiding document to start playing. We all trust our luck, and this game takes the belief farther, giving us the chance to win big. It promises to invite us to Eureka moments of sudden successes, surprising us and our friends with lucrative rewards.

Lucky 6 looks promising, and is here to stay. Since this game doesn't need much of your time, you can create your Brand list for the game day in a few minutes and then focus on your other tasks. The game is addictive in a harmless sort of a way, and each day brings with it the new excitement to win. You can enjoy it with friends, family and relatives, and together engage in a healthy competition to see who ends up with the jackpot. After all, their happiness is your happiness too, for as I said before, even if you don't win, but your folks do, you still get rewarded.

Don't miss this chance at any cost. Download the game, play, and win.

This is my official entry to '#Lucky6' Happy Hours organized by Indiblogger in association with Fat Cat Gaming.

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