Monday, November 17, 2014

Health is Fun with Farmlite

My office was on the 8th floor. Every morning, I drove my way to work, parked my car in the garage, and then rode the elevator from the basement, with so many others. My work had been impressive, and my boss rewarded me from time to time. All's well you would say, right?


A colleague who frequented the gymnasium more than his work cabin, challenged me to a health test on a lovely Thursday morn. “If you can walk up to the 8th floor, right from the basement, without panting, a treat would be waiting from me.” He was the one who occasionally took digs at my expanding waistline, with me ignoring him, plain and simple. I accepted the challenge. It used to take only a few seconds in elevator. Thus, it wouldn’t be too tough to walk the entire length, I reasoned.

And my reasoning failed.

Halfway through the mark, I felt as if I needed an oxygen mask to go further. My breathing grew sharp and loud, my legs felt heavy, and I prayed to God for the turmoil to get over soon. ‘Soon’ arrived fifteen minutes later, only to find my colleague grinning at my feeble condition. Thankfully, he had a bottle of water ready for me.

That very day I pledged to take care of my body in the same manner I cared for my work. What would life be if we are unhealthy? A good health is the key to unhappiness, and though you may have all the riches in the world, this is one attribute that can’t be bought with money.

I immediately decided to do the following:
  1. Avoid use of elevator and instead take the stairs.
  2. Clean my house and car on my own, without anyone else's help.
  3. Stay away junk food as much as possible.
  4. Go jogging early mornings.

One important part of being healthy is to eat healthy. With junk food being the new craze among the current youth,  we hardly consider the ill – effects of them, something we may have to face in a not so distant future.

Why don’t we then adopt healthy habits that would benefit us, and also inspire others?

Health Is Fun With Farmlite

Talking of inspiration, I recently came across the ‘Health is Fun with Farmlite’ campaign by Sunfeast and God, I am totally in love with the conceptualization. We all know about the benefits of good health and maintaining a fit lifestyle, but how many of us actually follow it? We consider it to be a laborious task to work towards our fitness, and this is where the Sunfeast campaign breaks the myth. Through a series of well shot videos that entertain as well as educate, we get to know how easy it is to stay fit by just doing the daily chores which we often ignore.

Farmlite Bytes, the Fun - Fitness Short Film Festival is a novel strategy launched by Sunfeast that aims to inculcate the value of health among the people today. Burning of calories isn't an act that is just confined to the gyms; rather, they can also be undertaken by performing the household chores and the daily tasks.

If you check the 'Goodbye Bai' video by Tanuj Bhatia, you will know what I mean. When the household help goes on leave, it's left to the family members to clean the dishes, wash the clothes and sweep the rooms. And they do it in style, swinging to the rocking music playing in the background, ensuring that their cleanliness activity doesn't just ensure fitness but also fun.

With so many premier leagues running in full flow in our nation addicted to Sports, Manu Singh showcases how 'Striker Strikes Back' in the Carrom Premier League.The striker named Dubey Ji fails to hit the Queen in the first three instances. However, it results in a healthy warm-up and he scores in the 4th instance after losing some weight.

India is a land of festivals. 'Farmlite Navratri' video shows how one can enjoy these festivals and burn calories at the same time. Isn't that great, knowing you can have fun and undergo a fitness regime at the same time? Absolutely, this makes celebrating festivals all the more enjoyable.

Farmlite nails the campaign with its unique 'Augmented Reality' promotion. The below video shows how a seemingly normal looking newspaper advertisement comes alive in a hand held device, the animation resembling a high end 3D game, leaving you pleasantly surprised.

'Homework Kiya' by Anugam Goswami leaves you rolling into peals of laugher. A man frustrated with his unhealthy lifestyle suddenly gets to know the benefits of performing household activities like cooking and cleaning. He performs them happily as they burn calories and gifts himself a lean physique. Also, he gets more time to spend at home in a constructive manner.

'Fit Fighter' is a cute story of a couple whose interests are conflicting in nature. While the guy wants to spend his time playing computer games, the girl assigns him the task to prepare dinner. The guy wants to go to Poker Night with his friends, while the girl wishes to go out for a movie. Their fun filled banter leads to 'fight' and thus reduction of calories.

'The Great Laughter Sales Meet' showcases how laughter can burn calories. The team analyzes the sales target when the 'Sehat ki Ghanti' rings, and they imitate the famous 'Kitne Aadmi They' scene from Sholay to add a bit of laughter and fun to the discussion that's supposed to be serious, ensuring that achieving target doesn't seem a grave task and should be dealt with fun.

The Product

The packaging of Sunfeast Farmlite looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. With color combinations that fit to the T, the package looks tempting and inviting. 'Oats and Almonds' and 'Oats and Raisins' are the two flavours you can choose. Deliciously, healthy. Yes.

About Sunfeast Farmlite
Presenting Sunfeast Farmlite, the all new Healthy & Tasty cookie from the house of ITC foods. Now available in two deliciously healthy variants - Oats & Almonds and Oats & Raisins.

Sunfeast Farmlite - Salient features
Healthy & Tasty cookies made with Oats, Wheat, Almonds / Raisins. This combination is a first in the health category.

Check out the official page below:

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