Sunday, October 19, 2014

#GharWaliDiwali - Memories And Moments

There are moments when you just want to be at home, with your family, spending the time with your loved ones over heaps of laughter and tonnes of joy, the hustle and bustle of the busy streets sounding musical even in its cacophony.

That’s the magic of Diwali, that invites you, embraces you, and celebrates the occasion of togetherness, emphasizing the values and the cultures we are all born with, signifying the warmth and affection that are rooted deep within us.

As I look back at the tracks of time, the festive aroma grips me, driving a smile on my face after a hectic day at work. Diwali had always been one of the most awaited festivals of the years. As soon as the new Calendar was hung on the walls, the first question that crept in my mind was – “When is Diwali?” School days came bundled with a two days holiday, and a week - long advance preparation of buying fireworks for the occasion. Initially, I insisted on crackers, but then the high pitched sound caused by them, resulting in discomfort of those residing in the nearby old age home, made me do away with them. Diwali then turned into a peaceful procession of light, fire and fun and frolic.

After a week of preparation focused on cleaning the house and buying new clothes for the occasion, as well as gifts for families and friends, the D-Day finally arrived. Diyas and lamps were placed at various positions in the house, resulting in an illumination so radiant that I felt all problems being swept away in the bright rays of hope.

Fireworks adorned the evenings. The grounds burst in sparkling showers, while the skies rained in colorful extravaganza. Friends and families came together, and a seemingly endless day of enjoyment began with refreshments, lightings, chit- chats, games and delicious food. The celebration lasted long into the nights, the sleep bugs disappearing for the day, and the festive enthusiasm gripping hold of the vibrant energy in me.

Staying away from home, these moments revisit, bringing those smiles and cheers that are somewhere hidden in the closet of my hearts. I get out of my building, the lanes and by-lanes that have become my new abode in the last one year, greet me with fervor anew. I, with my friends, munch on Kurkure, and a few sips of Pepsi, sharing the memories that we have all relished with our respective families on occasions of Diwali. New bonds are formed, and friendships attain an all new meaning on this festive occasion. True, I miss the beauty of #GharWaliDiwali, but then again, the festival never fails to brighten me up. With communication today so fast paced with the advent of internet, home is just a few clicks away, and though there are miles that separate me and my family, the love we share on this occasion beats with every heartbeat.

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