Thursday, October 16, 2014

Escape From Hell

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trapped by zombies
I would love comedies
last wish you say
gonna be my way
'cause they could bite
and I would fight
till breaths run last
and time flies fast

one, two, three and five
forget the count, I gotta strive
run, run, run, jump and run
chase is on, let's have some fun
I would live to tell this tale
and then name it - 'Escape From Hell'
mountains high and oceans shall I scale
until am safe, and all is well

This Poem is shared with Imaginary Garden - Out of Standard - The "Z" Word.


  1. Zombies are my favorite :)
    First time read a poem about them :D
    Out of the box indeed

  2. would live to tell this tale
    and then name it - 'Escape From Hell'... yes, good name for sure.

  3. Never "got into" zombies. As a child, forced to walk one mile up a mountain road through woods, on dark nights, EVERY TREE was a "zombie". To this day, thinking of such creatures gives me chills. So...for me also, ESCAPE FROM HELL is appropriate title, Amrit. And I, too, run, run, run, up the hill, carrying books and violin...

    1. Ha ha ... would love to run with you Steve :D

  4. I imagined SAIF ALI KHAN shouting these lines out loud in GO GOA GONE.
    ESCAPE FROM HELL indeed!

  5. I hate it when google eats up my comments! This was so Walking Dead Theme track types :D

  6. Very bold! I wish you the best in your escape. :-D

  7. lovely! I can easily imagine a nice English song based on this poem! it is perfect for lyrics!

  8. And that was so rap worthy....loved it

  9. I love this! Every word ...

  10. Hiya and sorry for a late visit. I like what you did here with the challenge. The sing song rhyme creates another eery element of its own. Thanks for posting to the out of standard