Saturday, October 06, 2012


10 more days, and my blog would be completing 5 months. Now, that's not a big deal, considering there are others who have been blogging for years. However, this does make me feel satisfied, as I believe that I am utilizing my free time constructively, pursuing my passion of writing, and learning new techniques from other versatile bloggers out here in this world.

A perfect time for Introspection, I guess. Yes, 'cause Leo, a blogger friend has recently marked me for The Introspection Tag in his post Down The Memory Lane. Leo blogs at I have been following his posts since the last few months, and he is a real good writer of poetry. I love reading his haiku, and the emotion they portray. His poems have a life of their own, and if you really want to experience something unique, do check his blog.

Now comes the interesting part. As per the rules, I need to analyze my blog under 7 categories, and then tag 5 other bloggers. So, here it goes !!!

1) My Most Beautiful Post: Undoubtedly I Fear Sleep, since this was the first 'real' poem I had written, way back in 2008. As such, the poem remains very close to my heart.

2) My Most Popular Post: If you consider Page Views, it has to be Stars. This is a Haiku set that I had written in August, and I am happily surprised by the response it kept on receiving. This one has 718 page views right now. Not too far behind is Green, another Haiku set, with 700 Page Views.

3) My Most Controversial Post: Shadows Chapter 7. This was my first attempt at writing short stories. Since the genre was horror, I tried to bring in shades of violence. However, on a personal note, I didn't like the way it was depicted, and I guess I could have done much better with the portrayal of violence.

4) My Most Helpful Post: Many new blogger friends ask me about Haiku, and I happily direct them to Hiking in the Highland of Haiku. I wrote this post when I first came across Haiku poems, and had tried to lay down the rules of this form in a simple manner.

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Stars. I never expected it to be the most viewed post, since there have been many other poems that are closer to my heart, and I had written them with care and conviction.

6) A Post I Feel Did Not Get The Attention It Deserved: Power Of The Curse. I wrote this post after watching a very beautiful movie, and I loved the wisdom it had to convey. However, this piece somehow got lost among my several other writings.

7) A Poem I Am Proud Of: I would choose three: 1) The Hare And The Tortoise, 2) Eight, 3) Poison Love.

This was all about my blog. I would love to know about you now. What do you think about your posts? I am not tagging anyone, and this post is open for all. Do feel free to answer the above questions and introspect your blogging journey whenever you have time. Trust me, it's fun.

And as always, Love Your Life and Live Your Life :-)


  1. Don't want to write a long comment....In Indian traditional Way!!!
    Badhai Ho!!!

  2. Very interesting answers!

  3. You have to pass the tag to 5 others too, Speck :P

    1. It was tough selecting five, why not let everyone speak their mind :-)

  4. A beautiful journey of introspection. Self-criticism is necessary, I practice every day. Greetings.

  5. I want to congratulate you heartily. Keep up writing wonderful poems.

  6. Congratulations on your 5 month introspection. So fulfilling when we realise we are doing what we love to do :)

  7. That was a splendid journey for sure, green speck. Great, now I shall go through the links in my own pace. Congo...

  8. Interesting read!
    Congratulations on completing five months of regular blogging:)

  9. hey Congrats GS..yours has been a wonderful journey..keep writing ,keep blogging
    With all smiles :)
    All the best