Friday, April 17, 2015


The jungle had become a land of constant fear. Violence, greed and lust had taken control, with a handful of wicked animals creating havoc on the entire wildlife with their cruel schemes.

The Ostrich, one of the strongest birds, was asked, "Why don't you do anything about this?"

"We will punish all types of evil," he replied.

As he was walking through the jungle, he saw a pack of hyenas chasing some poor rabbits. The Ostrich, not wanting to meddle with danger, buried his head in the sand.

Next day, he organized a protest march against the evil hyenas.

This 99 word fiction is shared with Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - O.


  1. And i thought only humans were such hypocrites;( strange are the way in which human mind works!
    By the way, do consider the advice I gave you in whatsapp:p

  2. We as humans do that all the time, we shout for change, but when it comes we hide in the shadows. Nice piece!

  3. Things are usually easier said than done. We all want change but not prepared to take the steps to achieve it.

  4. How true, we have become the ostrich of the city, protesting after it's too late. Brilliant story :)

  5. awesome weaving of animal kingdom with the cacophonies of concrete jungle. Loved it!

  6. so sad! I still feel animals are way better than we humans are :)
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  7. All these hyenas and ostriches live in human minds.Nice.

  8. Hypocrites are everywhere. Just awesome Sinha :)