Monday, April 27, 2015

A Drive Down The Starry Skies

A long day at work, tired, weary - return home at midnight - have left over pizza - hit the bed – sleep.

Wake up next morning – complain about weekdays – rant about work – count the number of days for the next occasion to enjoy – get ready – race to office.

This could have been my life, had I waited for special occasions to celebrate. However, luckily, my viewpoints changed when I once saw a little boy selling tea in a roadside stall. He was poor, and yet there was a smile on his face, of satisfaction and contentment.

“Do you like working here?” I had asked him once.

“Yes Sir. I can buy chocolates with the money I get, and I share them with my friends in evening school.”

Why worry about the complexities of life when in reality it’s way too simple? Live, love and laugh, because every moment is a blessing from God. Today is a gift, and so will be tomorrow. Why not celebrate each moment instead of waiting for special occasions?

When I return back from work at midnight, I rush to the kitchen and satiate my hunger. No, I do not go to the bed soon after that, but I walk down to the garage, take out my car, and drive out into the nights. I turn on a few songs in the music player, and head straight to the empty streets. On some days I prefer ghazal, while on other days slow romantic tracks make me smile. But what makes me smile the most is she, my better half. We both love long drives, and interestingly, she too stays awake for me so that she can be my company on these drives.

We often stop at a local dhaba, to munch on some snacks, coffee and omelette. The stars above provide the perfect blanket to our dreams. There is a sparkle in our eyes, as we look at each other, talking about yesterday, today and tomorrow. Love probably is the most valuable gift that one can have in life, and the best reason to celebrate.

We return home after a couple of hours, and unwind for the next day. There wasn't a party with large number of guests and delicacies, but we still call it a celebration. In fact everyday has been a sort of a grand party for me, and us, and we intend to continue it this way.

After all celebration starts at home, isn't it?

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  1. Every moment is a blessing from God! I love being at home (it's where I write:). I don't mind going out though. The Mississippi River is only a five minute drive from my house. I love to watch the boats drift by.

  2. very true, love is indeed the most valuable gift one can have in life! I love long drives too and the flavor local dhabas offer is amazing!!

  3. As always very well written.Life itself is a gift for us,Amrit and love its backbone. When we think about Nepal,O! God love is a gift. Love for the nation and empathy direct the force to save the sufferers there.