Saturday, April 04, 2015


I have no clue how the label came about, but as soon as I was old enough to sense the world around me, I realized whatever I do, I will be known as stupid.

I, and my folks, are thought of as fools for no reason. We are hardworking, carrying loads from one place to another, but do we ever get credit?

I love singing. Once I hummed a melody, and was beaten up by sticks. I fled.

I never sang again.

Our dreams are broken, and yet we live, for the world. Don't we deserve a little respect?

This 99 word fiction is shared with Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - D.


  1. Your posts are really going to bring about change.. in perception.. thought process..!
    Looking forward for more such posts..
    Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Is this part of a larger book you are writing or purely flash or micro fiction? Great job, btw! I would love to do some micro-fiction, but I keep thinking of ideas for new full-length novels!!

    1. These are purely flash fictions. I don't have any plans of a larger book in mind at the moment :-)

  3. This fiction just stabs straight to the heart. Wonderfully written as it's effectively affecting.

  4. I like your theme. Good job!

  5. Your writeups will make us think more and more with every passing day....

  6. Wonderful to see the world through an animals eyes. Very creative :)

  7. Dedicated to all those hard working fellas who do such a great job and yet never recognised...wonderful, Amrit!

  8. Now I am feeling sorry for those poor creatures! Why do we even have to compare the idiots to them! Good one Amrit :)

    Double Jeopardy

  9. ofcourse, everyone deserves respect! :-)

  10. This reminded me one incident...
    As a child, when I used to practice singing and violin, neighbors used to tease.
    So i stopped pursuing it
    And I regret till date!