Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stay Fresh With Hydro-Jal Plus

It’s summer, the time of the year when we prefer quenching our thirst sipping soft drinks. We love the taste, and the cold refreshment seemingly associated with them. Now, there is a reason why I used the term ‘seemingly’. What appears to be a source of instant refreshment is actually the short cut to danger and health hazards guaranteed in the longer run. The high concentration of sugar and acidity in soft drinks do more harm than good. They steal water from the body that could lead to dehydration, thus reducing our immunity and making us weak right at the cellular level. Our health should be of primary importance. Shouldn’t we take extra care to preserve it by drinking the right type of water?

Water can either be acidic or alkaline. Years of research have proved that alkaline water is more beneficial in terms of calcium retention and bone strength. Acidic water results in consumption of toxic materials, which are hazardous. Infections and diseases occur, making one prone to sickness and ill health.

Households receive tap water that is used for daily activities. Should tap water be consumed? The answer is no due to the large amount of impurities that it may contain. To solve this problem, several brands have launched water purifiers that convert the tap water to purified water. However, as weird as it may sound, but purified water too isn’t good for consumption at all times. It does help when one is in the process of cleansing his body and drinks purified water for a few days, but using it as an option for a longer period of time is certainly not advisable. Purified water lowers the quantity of nutrients in body, and absorbs carbon dioxide when in contact with air. Thus, it tends to turn acidic.

Acidic water leads to dryness. To keep us hydrated we should opt for alkaline ionised water. Hydro-Jal Plus offers a perfect solution to produce water that’s best for us and our families. The Hydro-Jal Plus water ionizers use electrolysis to produce alkaline water that’s recipe for good health, nourishing and hydrating our systems. The high PH in this water neutralizes the acidic wastes present in our body, making us feel better and more energetic. Its negatively charged hydroxyl ions called ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) neutralize cancer causing positively charged free radicals. The hydroxyl ions act as antioxidants, detoxifying our bodies. They also lead to natural weight loss of fat.

If we list the benefits of alkaline water produced by Hydro-Jal Plus, we would observe the following points:

1)      Eliminates harmful toxins,
2)      Delays the aging process,
3)      Extra energy without extra calories,
4)      Improved concentration and focus,
5)      Increase in stamina,
6)      Leads to better sleep,
7)      No muscle pains,
8)      Helps in weight loss,
9)      Improves immunity,
10)   Boosts digestive system,
11)   Shields against common cold,
12)   Helps to fight constipation,
13)   Makes skin and hair more beautiful,
14)   Decreases lactic acid production,
15)   Reduces cramping of muscles,
16)   Leads to true hydration,
17)   Vital nutrients are absorbed more efficiently,
18)   Improved taste of water.

Phew. Aren’t these reasons enough to install Hydro-Jal Plus in our homes? But hey, these aren’t all. We can even use the Ionized Acid Water from Hydro-Jal Plus in a large number of ways. For instance, it could be a good alternative to hair conditioner, deodorant and aftershave. It can be used to remove dandruff, acne and wrinkles, thus improving the overall appearance. It can also help in cleaning our homes and household goods.

We live in a world infested in pollution. It's difficult to stay fit in such circumstances. However, we can definitely adopt the best possible means to make our drinking water healthier and better. Hydro-Jal Plus is, therefore, a necessity today in every household.

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