Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Thieves Within Us

let's be blind
and not care
let's be deaf
to what's unfair

we could stay mute
or sing lewd
giddy on a ride
we breathe crude

we fear the sun
turning our eyes away
embracing the dark
needless to say 

we've no heart
we've lost our soul
the thieves within us
our light, they stole

This Poem is shared with Three Word Wednesday - Giddy, Lewd, Needless.


  1. How romantic! I think we can expect this genre quite often on this blog from now on.

  2. The last lines leave a mark...we sold our lights and live in darkness

  3. ... guess, depends what kind of creature/ plant it is, eh? ... eg. some good things do thrive in darkness ... I know, poems and potatoes do ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  4. The words are way beyond catchy.. the poem does leaves an impact!

  5. we can conquer the world but not fears residing us stopping to stand for unfair, nicely written

    Lost In Her Eyes

  6. This is the state of affairs in our country now a days:(.

    Read your interview on PU, nice to know about you.

  7. Happening to every other person :-/
    Your poems always remind me of a song :P This time it is Demons from Imagine Dragons
    do give it a hear...
    And as always this one too is amazing :)

    1. I will surely listen to it ... thanks so much :-)