Sunday, March 01, 2015

Rain On A Morn Of March

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it rained
on her window pane
a morn of March
the month, insane
when she heard him
stepping out
closing the door behind
her muffled shout

she looks out today
and it rains again
seeking and searching
in missing by-lanes
will he be back
in drizzled tales
her eyes wouldn't lie
her hope shouldn't fail
she prays to the cloud
to preserve those trails
in meandering streams
her paper boat sails

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  1. The paper boat goes out of her sight
    And so does her hope,
    She is now forced to acquiesce her fate,
    For her a new Candle of Hope awaits

    PS: It is raining and the weather is awesome, itne sad na ho jao Amrit ji :) Nice Poem waise :)

  2. in drizzled tales
    her eyes wouldn't lie

    -> really like that.

    in state, faithful lying

  3. Nice to read the awesome lines in such a awesome weather :)

    Its raining in Mumbai as well :)

  4. Sad one. May hopes not be belied.
    Hope he's back...

  5. I think still as long the paper-boat sails on there is hope even in relentless rain.

  6. This flowed like a paper boat on a sea of tears..simply beautiful

  7. I liked that it rained! Although this poem has added a different perspective here... Beautiful!

  8. i love paper boats in the drain, of course once the current catches them, they are gone out of whenyou let go you have to be willing to say goodbye...but there is always hope...

  9. Wow! This is so melancholy and sweet! I admire the brevity of words. Please visit:

  10. short sentences, few words and such deep emotions! only you can achieve this Amrit! loved it :)

  11. keep the rain drops falling,
    we love her imagery.

  12. in drizzled tales - i like this, the tears of the heart on the window of life. I can feel the pain, this is excellent.

  13. I hope he returns...but the poem seems to imply he will not. I enjoyed the ending with the paper boat sailing...I can see it moving toward the horizon.

  14. I hope she can sail on with her boat. I like the creative images in this very much. Thanks for posting here.

  15. Love the rhymes here as they cut through the sorrow and pain of loss and we know that she will or he will sail on.

  16. Very moving. The fragility of the paper boat she sails in the rain is synonymous with life itself. You have captured a monsoonish mood here. Enjoyed this one.

  17. I like how you use pathetic fallacy in your poem thus leading us to understanding that his departure is final.

  18. i hope he returns with the sun =)

  19. I hope he comes back for her too.
    Anna :o]

  20. So amazingly beautiful...
    Summer rains showering her with many memories!

  21. life is tender like a paper boat

  22. prayers to cloud to preserve her trails,
    that's funny thoughts.