Sunday, March 22, 2015

Being Happy On International Day Of Happiness

Being happy is easy. One doesn’t have to spend anything to earn a few smiles, or a few moments of laughter. Don’t they say that the best things in life are free? What can be better than the feeling of being happy and joyous?

How can we be happy then? There are no predefined rules, no definite formula that can take us through the magic doors of happiness, and perhaps that’s what makes it all the more special. In short, one doesn’t need to do much to be happy. We have the power to be happy always, and can unleash it anywhere, anytime.

Happiness comes from simple things. I am happy when I compose a new tune on my guitar. I feel joyous when I write down a satisfying piece of article. I get delighted when I travel new places, exploring and learning about different cultures. Happiness thus comes in numerous forms.

Meeting family and relatives, and spending time with them provide me with a feeling of serenity and an ambiance of comfort that in turn leads to happiness. Success on the professional front makes me feel good about myself. Thus, we can ensure to be happy in our personal and professional lives if we learn to create a proper balance between the two.

Happiness is festivals, and India being a land of numerous cultures, there is no lack of festivities in this country. People belonging to different communities have their own moments of celebrations, and when all of them join hands together to celebrate each other’s festivals, it sums to happiness all around. I love celebrating all types of festivals with my friends and family. The revelry that comes hand in hand with festivals is what makes me happy.

I am a foodie, which means I crave for sumptuous and delicious dishes. I am a big fan of Indian and Chinese cuisines, and savouring them is what gives me ultimate delight. I love dining in restaurants, sometimes trying out new items from the Menu card that those places have on offer. I also sometimes try my hand in cooking, experimenting with new recipes that I come across on different sites on net.

And then, there is love. Fall in love, and rise in happiness, exactly what happened with me. Talking with her, my fiancée, after a hard day’s work, relieves all my tiredness and stress, and makes me feel happy. Extremely happy. Perhaps that’s what real happiness is each, feeling and caring for one other, sharing our problems and moments of success, supporting through times thick and thin, and experiencing even the smallest moments of lives by magnifying them to infinite proportions.

Let’s celebrate this International Day of Happiness with our dear ones, doing things which we love to do, and having good food complimented by Coca Cola, thus turning it into the most memorable day of our lives. Happiness comes easy, we just need to welcome it in our lives, whole heartedly.

This post is inspired by Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness.

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  1. The mantra so aptly illustrated! Happiness is easy peasy, we just need to embrace it.

  2. I like trying new items on the menu cards! festivals give me immense happiness too :)

  3. I so-so agree with you... No happiness like being with loved ones... being in love and festivals of course!

  4. You writing makes me happy as well.. :)
    Hope to hear a few chords from you soon..!