Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Musical Dream

I wasn’t a bad student. I was pretty decent in studies, scoring fairly well in exams. I got into engineering, passed out and joined an MNC.

Life was sailing smoothly, and there was hardly anything I could complain of. However, I felt something was missing, perhaps a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that was still to be attached to form the perfect picture. I knew what was boggling my mind, and yet, I preferred to silence the voices in the head. After all, when will I have time for music?

Yes, music it was. I enjoyed my college fests, not only because of the delicious foods and games that were on offer, but also due to the musical extravaganza that was on show in those couple of days every year. Reputed bands, singers and musicians used to perform in the events, their brilliance sparkling in the starry nights, the tune leading to a perfect crescendo.

I was inspired. I wanted to learn the guitar, and decided to buy one as soon as I join a job. However, the thought evaporated out of my mind amidst the busy and hectic work schedules, and gradually, I was another IT engineer entangled in the maze of coding, tea and night shifts.

There was a musical concert in our campus to celebrate the Annual Day of my organization, and a famous band had come to play. It took the stage on fire, with every member of the audience on their feet and chanting the rhythmic hymns.

The passion reignited within me. I too had to be a part of it.

Next day, I searched the net and found out the list of institutes and teachers that offer guitar courses in my locality. I called a few, and spoke with them. Finally, I met a person who struck to me as amiable and helpful, and soon a teacher – student bond grew between us. I wanted to learn the guitar pretty soon, and he told me to be calm and have patient, since this instrument is like meditation; one has to devote his full concentration on it to learn the nuances.

The first few days were tough, with bleeding fingers often urging me to take a few days rest. I was determined, though, and didn’t want to miss a single lesson. While in office, I ompleted my tasks soon, so that I could go home and practice. Thus, my eagerness in learning the guitar also had a positive impact on my work.

A few months later I moved to another city, partly because of work but mainly due to music. I had come to know that a few of my friends from college had started a music band in Delhi. I contacted them and told about my willingness to join. They were glad as they were looking for a guitarist too. The first few sessions were spent in finding the perfect pitch for a team play. It was a learning experience as I had never played in group before. My performances in a few local functions were solo, and thus, working as a team gave me a real high.

We penned down our own songs, and started working on them, in sync. We gave a few performances, which were appreciated, and are working harder to hone our skills. Some days are joyous, while there are off days too when I am not able to perform as per expectation. However, it’s all part of the learning curve. I have dreams for the future, revolving around music. The road is tough, but I have already made a start, and I am glad I took this step.

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  1. Lovely post, Mr G ... free sprit that you are ... I understand this very well ... got my first guitar age 10 ... got lessons, which I despised ... learned to play on my own about 4 years later ... entertained many a people since ... stopped singing and playing though after my daughter's death ... every time I pick one of my guitars, I start crying ... she would be 29 now ... ya ... and this has been my silent song ever since ... Love, cat

    1. Memories never leave us ... take care my friend.

  2. lovely! the ability of playing musical instruments is a gift from the divine! enjoyed the post :)

  3. SUPER!! I always wanted to learn playing the guitar but I didnt have the dedication like you.
    Now upload a video of you playing!

  4. ''A Musical Dream'' is very interesting post. I like it.

  5. Even I want to learn how to play guitar, i started initially but had to give up because of studies!!! But i am very keen on taking it up again! For sure will!
    Its great you are living your dream :)

  6. wow you should start a video blog too! combine music with the poetry that you write, it is sure to be a bigger success!

  7. I completely agree with Sabeeha's words here. Start a video blog and compose music for the wonderful poetry that you write :)