Friday, March 06, 2015

Dry Baby, Happy Baby

Being the eldest among my cousins, I was often assigned the task to baby sit them when my uncles and aunts or other elders of the family went out. I liked it. I, actually, love playing with babies, ‘cause they have that innocence in them which rids away all your worries and anxieties. Their cuteness makes you forget all the negativities surrounding you, drenching you with new happiness and pleasures. Babies are beautiful, and when they are smiling, they make the whole family, and the entire world seem wonderful.

My little cousin who is just a couple of years old is one of the sweetest kids that I have come across. Always smiling, and willing to play, I love to take him in his lap and walk around the park in the evenings. There are a few rabbits there, and he likes chasing them, walking or crawling as speedily as he could after them. I sit on a bench and watch him. Perhaps, even the rabbits know that he is only a child, and thus, instead of galloping away from him, they linger close by, joining in the play.

However, you should see him in the kitchen (yes, you heard me right), as he is all destined to be a future Master Chef. He loves to play with the potatoes, and the carrots, holding them in his little hands, and then placing them again in the basket. Sometimes, it will seem like that he is counting, even though he hasn’t learnt numbers yet.

Another activity of his that I love is his constant giggle while watching cartoon shows on TV. Tom and Jerry seems to be his favourite (it’s mine too), and we watch it together sometimes. He mimics Jerry’s acts, while I have to play the role of the poor cat Tom. And that reminds me, often I have to obey his command and become a horse, with he riding on my back.

I love playing with him. However, sanitation and health is an important factor in ensuring the child is happy. When he is with me, I make sure he is fed his cereals whenever he is hungry. Also, I keep his bottle of milk handy. His basic toilet needs are also taken care of diapers. But they also need to be changed regularly, else the child gets wet and his mood is spoilt.

However, Pampers Baby Dry Pants is a revolutionary technique to keep the baby’s skin dry and healthy for as long as twelve hours. That’s exactly what my aunt buys for my cousin. Thus, the kid is always jolly and charming, and hardly cries. Moreover, it gives the elders the freedom to do other household tasks while the kid is busy engaged with something, not worrying about him getting wet. After all, a dry baby in turn is a happy baby.

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  1. i was so glad to get my boys out of diapers...
    it was like getting a pay raise...ha