Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nashta With Guptaji

Who wouldn’t like to start his or her day with a healthy breakfast? As studies have shown, the first meal of the day, the breakfast, is indeed the most important one. Thus, a combination of nutrients and taste should be the ingredient to start a perfect morning.

If you are looking for that perfect nashta with lip – smacking taste and energy embedded in it, head straight over to Guptaji’s house. I came across their family, and was amazed to know that they have over a hundred different recipes for breakfast, all using Kelloggs cornflakes. Wow! Isn’t that incredible? This just sounds like the items in a menu card of a multi – star restaurant.

The best thing about Guptaji’s nashta is that there is something for everyone. There are different varieties of recipes catering to my needs and taste, and also takes the occasion in consideration. I can join with my family for Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes, brimming with a high health quotient, or go for the Homework Wala Nashta after a hard day’s work with cornflakes, cabbage and cucumber. Guptaji is an endearing personality, and has also prepared a nashta for entertainment. Cornflake Popcorn Clusters serves as a perfect nashta while watching movies with friends or family.

To start my mornings with heaps of positivity, I will choose Strawberry and Banana Cornflakes. The taste is delicious undoubtedly. However, it’s that bright colour combination of yellow (cornflakes), white (banana) and red (strawberry) that attracts me more.

And for all the chocolate lovers like me, Guptaji has something magical in store. The Walnut Cornflakes Choco Ball is a delight, and yet not sinful. It’s amazing when taste combines so seamlessly with healthy food, ‘cause then one does not need to control his or her cravings anymore. This nashta, I tell you, smells yummy and tastes heavenly. I could never have enough of it.

Anything crunchy and spicy makes my taste bud go weak. I have to resist myself to stop going for those roadside stalls regularly. However, Guptaji, the kind soul that he is, has found a perfect solution to my needs. The Chatpatti Cornflakes Chivda is that ideal snack that I would love to munch upon, anytime, everytime.

That’s not all. Guptaji surprises me with yet another item that he has on offer for nashta. He has named it Cornflake Coconut Ladoos. The yummy laddoos are a treat to watch and taste. The best thing is that I can have lots of laddoos without worrying about calories. If that’s not enticing, then what is?

Sitaphal Cornflakes is another item on the breakfast table that ensures a healthy start to the day. Cornflakes and custard apple can be an electrifying pair, and Guptaji proves that wonderfully.

Thus, I can find no reason why I shouldn’t go to Guptaji’s house for breakfast. He is warm and cordial, and with such a large variety of breakfast items to choose from, why should I even think twice?

Guptaji, here I come.

This post is inspired by Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta.

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