Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh Laptop Oh Laptop I Miss You Like Hell

What do you do when your laptop is out for repair, and you, well, miss it's presence? Simple, you create a sad Laptop song.

And, that's what we did. Jyotsna, a wonderful blogger ( and a super awesome friend, was sulking over her missing baby, and I, the ever heartless guy, decided to make a poem out of it (cruel of me to use a subject of someone's grief as a blogpost I know). However, instead of hurling tomatoes and shoes towards me, she gladly accepted the offer and partnered me in composing this poem (Yayyy!!!)

This is my first ever duet poem, and interestingly, it was written on World Poetry Day (March 21), which makes it all the more special. Some lines are written by me, some by her, and the rest carved by our partnership.

Oh laptop, oh laptop,
I miss you like hell,
When will you, when will you
Again get well?

My laptop, dear laptop
Why did you  go away
Don’t you know oh dear
That being with you makes my day?

That hour when you arrived,
You gifted me with smiles,
We promised to be together,
In journey across miles.

Ah, the caress and the warmth
When I swiftly glide along the keys
How badly, how badly
Those silent tickles I now miss.

The games that we played
All day long
Movies we watched
And all my favorite songs.

Writing the poems and posts
On those lonesome nights
The creativity inside me
Kissed greater heights.

And then came the darkness
Flooding the dawn
My passion screamed tears
My heart thus mourned

I crave to write, to touch
The desire to see you again
Pouring thoughts and my world
‘Cause that’s what can keep me sane.

For you, I’ll wait
My love all day
Come back to me
Just find a quicker way.

Thanks Jyotsna for trusting my insanity and craziness and making me a partner for this poem. It was a real REAL pleasure, and hopefully, there would be more to come.


  1. loved it simply loved it :)

  2. HAHAHAHA atleast it made u write a poem abt it. HHAHAHA

    1. Ha ha ha... There is a good out of everything :-p

  3. You thought I would hurl tomatoes and shoes at you?? :P hahaha.. Well, I would gladly have done that when you post those 4 liners on FB. Expect bigger things than tomatoes and shoes at that time :P:P

    1. At my side were tomatoes and shoes--to be thrown. I ended up eating the tomatoes and wearing the shoes. You guys are SO MUCH FUN! Thank you. Hey, I was interviewed on dVerse today by Laurie Kolp. At least AMRIT, you must read, OK?

    2. Thanks so much Steve, and I read your interview ... wonderful :-)

    3. Jyotsna, those 4 liners are the products of a creative artistic mind :-P

  4. A duet poem - what an amazing idea! I have never seen one of these before. I love this.

  5. Jyotsna, you and Amrit got through a whole poem together without a "harsh word".
    Is Amrit becoming mature?--grin!

    1. Ha ha ha Steve ... We are peace loving people :-p

    2. Steve, lets not comment on his maturity in public ;)

  6. Wonderful collaboration, this is the cutest get well soon song I have ever come across Amrit :)

  7. Hilarious. I wish somebody can convert this into a YouTube video :)

  8. Ha ha ha, nice one....!!!!

    Aye what happened to the laptop....??

    1. Ha ha ha ... my friend's laptop had gone for repair :p