Friday, March 21, 2014

Fill Your Cups With Verses

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a few words mingled
droplets scurrying for company
in empty crevices
of phobia
and doubts
can I write
or are my words a mere rambling
flooding the web
in hurried scribbles

as I stumble across magic
so delicately woven by dear blogosphere
I learn and un-learn
authentic, genuine
sighs of love and hope
of tears and raindrops
and smile and promises
rhymes dance in ecstasy
basking in awakening, anew
I enlist myself

a journey this has been, satisfying
but territories are yet to be charted
dear poets and bloggers
in your sweet support may I always grow
World Poetry Day, here it comes today
fill your cups with verses, and let's get started


  1. Long may our poetic community flourish.

  2. Sounds straight from the heart, much like a flow :D

  3. Wonderful. We are the stars of the same sky.

  4. Beautifully said Amrit, Just as learning is important, so is un-learning... I have so much to learn... Cheers my friend, to the journey of joyous learning!!

  5. Ah, your poetry, always so beautiful!

  6. Ramblings in hurried scribblings...hmmm could be me! :)

  7. Ah, beautiful. Happy Poetry Day to you too. :)