Sunday, January 12, 2014

Recharge Your Life, Recharge Your Love

A New Year wish, with folded hands,
I pray to you, my tired strands,
Do rise, awake, and come with me,
Life is tough, and so is she.

As I race across the sands of time,
I confront my mistakes, the biggest of crimes,
Never had I taken care of my hair,
Resulting in a curl of weakened layer.

They say that tresses are girl’s biggest treasure,
But boys too require them in equal measure,
Ignoring this belief I have lived till now,
Time to change, but how, how, how.

“Is this your hair, or a bag of wool,
Unkempt and rough, oh you stupid fool,
If you can’t take care of your hair,
I am sorry, but this life, we can’t share.”

The wind was blowing, mocking my plight,
A few dark curls went on a flight,
“Am sorry,” I said, “Please forgive me for once,
Please please please, just give me another chance.”

She looked up at me, tears welled in her eyes,
“Why don’t you ever listen to my cries?
Recharge your hair, recharge our lives
And then we can go for movies, with Coke and French Fries.”

I questioned why
She responded with a smile, shy.

“Often on bikes when we traveled far,
I dreamt of romance and lots of pyaar,
Your dark hair I would caress with my fingers
May the sweet smell of our love forever lingers.

“But then it breaks, and I confront truth,
Your hair rock hard, smelling sour fruit,
How could we ever be happy like this?
Listen to me, my dear, please, oh please.”

I fall down on my feet, guilt choking my voice,
My mind completely numb, and yet full of noise,
And then I feel the warmth of her hands
“Don’t worry my love, we can cure these strands.”

She walks to a store, and with a bottle she returns
Sunsilk’ shining, and now I learnt,
Love your hair, ‘cause they are a Gift of God
Recharge your life, and you won't ever miss a positive nod.

This is my official entry to Recharge Your Hair Recharge Your Life contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Sunsilk.

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  1. oh my god, this time you are bent on winning a prize :)

  2. You know Amrit... You are too good. How beautifully you write a story in poetic manner.
    I am afraid i might go less of words while commenting in future :)
    Keep up the great work

    All the best for contest :)

  3. This is an amazing entry. I really hope you win Amrit. You certainly deserve it for this.