Sunday, January 05, 2014

Storm, Will You Promise Me Again

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do come soon
I love how you cool my heart
the curtains fly in sync with my hair
as I indulge in sinful delight
of savoring the rain drops on my skin
wet, refreshed, nourished
the pleasant breeze
running past my open window
teasing, chasing, flying

and here you are
knocking against my window
the lights go numb in the streets below
enveloping the world
in a darkness that's soothing
as I relish the moments
my bedroom, the perfect den
to envision both
the motion
as well as the stillness
this evening grants me delight
and a peaceful camaraderie

but then you depart
like a lover who tricks, betraying
my faith, the trust I bestowed
Storm, you promised me once
of never hurting the souls
who lived among the rocks
and played with the mud
why then do you revel in their miseries
the huts, abandoned of life
trees obeying gravity as the branches
cut through the irony of
lives resting under debris
a cry here, a shout there
feeble pain captured, and released
the stars look down silently
ensuring the guilt rise through my food-pipe
ugly bile, a mockery of my plight

the night after the storm
calls out my name
announcing in muter whispers
of tragedies locked in dusty panes
that we never count
which we never fathom
we forget, and we move
over ashes of pain, and depleted sorrows

will you promise me again
to not harm the harmed
and be a peaceful companion
of harmony and love
let the breeze that cools my mind
also bring happiness to all our kind

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  1. Beautiful and optimistic...
    The intensity of feelings and situation increased with the lines.

    Best wishes :-)

  2. Lovely... Loved the flow, and definitely one different style.... Though, whatever style you use, your words speak of you so clear!

  3. What a beautiful poem asking the storm to lessen its impact.

  4. Oh my god. This is so touching, Amrit. I loved it. A fair hint of melancholy accompanied with optimism. Brilliant.

  5. ... so beautifully written ... omg ... am speachless ...

  6. The beginning made me think... wooaah.. can storm be such a sweetheart? Soothing someone to this extent..
    And then the transition of your words led me back to my perception for the term 'Storm'
    Beautiful expressions...! Kudos

  7. Beautifully crafted lines!!!!
    The duality of emotions!! of perceptions!

  8. I hope the storm does not break its promise again, at-least not after such a soulful plea...Wonderfully woven Amrit!!

  9. two contrasting image of storm nicely woven with beautiful words.

  10. Good piece of composition, Amrit! :)
    Happy to read the variations, well depicted.

  11. I like a storm that can cool my heart of the heat of life :) beautiful one.

  12. Touching, beautiful and poignant. :) Kudos

  13. Amrit... You have a very unique style of writing and your words pierced through my skin and bones and touched my heart... very lovely!

  14. So touching Amrit! As you have aptly said, the tragedies that a storm leaves behind are something we can never fathom. Loved this poem.
    All the best for BAT :)

  15. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I have no other words to say :)

  16. Welcome Amrit to Blog-a-Ton!

    This is a beautiful poem expressed well. I hope the storm to promise what you asked!

    Someone is Special