Sunday, January 12, 2014


We were not supposed to fall in love, the customs of this world holding us back since long; perhaps, she was too naive to have crossed the forbidden lines, my heart following suit, blindfolded.

Love wasn't a gift I could relish, but seeing her smile those fluttering lashes, I couldn't obey my mind, and fell deep into the crevice from which I could hardly find any other exit.

She asked, her voice resonating against my heartbeats like a sweet melody, "Why do you keep talking of going away? Why can't we stay like this forever?"

My lips quivered as I didn't know how to explain to her that our union wasn't possible; she was, after all, my reincarnation, my rebirth, in this era; and I, was her past, the figments of memories spanning across centuries trapped in her soul, that belonged to me as well, but refused to acknowledge our oneness.

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  1. Rush of so many intense feelings carried with helplessness and disguise.

  2. Falling in love and following rules are ... impossible to make ... one ...

  3. oneness. nicely expressed

  4. Now that was wow!! The unending conflict!

  5. What do i Say...Its so beautiful that i wanted to read it on and on...
    The story is complete in its way, but still calls for curiosity in my mind :)

    1. Thanks buddy ... your motivation works wonders :-)

  6. Wow this is incredibly romantic. The heart never listens to the mind does it? And it shouldn't :)

  7. Where the hell you get these weird creepy ideas from... Your mind is one factory of weirdness, I tell you.... So Mr Factory Sinha... Brilliant this is :)

  8. Oh my, soul-mates across time-periods... You really have a brilliant imagination Amrit