Saturday, May 04, 2013

Thanks TRESemmé, I Love You

It was 3 in the night, or morning, whatever you prefer to call it (yeah, dawn will be appropriate too), and I got a call from her.

“Hey, guess what? I am selected for the fashion show in my college,” she screamed in delight.

“Wow, congrats,” I tried to sound excited, but my sleepy tone resulted in a failed act.

“What? Why are you like this? Isn’t it great?” She was probably able to see me from the other side of the phone, don’t know how!

“No … I mean, yes, I am pretty excited … this is super cool … wow, trendy,” I tried to find some fashion jargons but trust me, when you are woken up in such a hurry, your mind hardly registers anything.

“Yes, I can see that,” she replied, her sarcasm clearly visible. “Anyways, can you do me a favor?”

“Hmm,” that was the only answer I was supposed to give.

“Tell me what hairstyle I should sport?” she dropped the million dollar question.

Hairstyle? Did she wake me up at 3 am just to talk about this? Oh God!

“Sleep now dear … We can discuss tomorrow morning,” I said, trying to be as understanding as possible.

“You think I have time? The show is tomorrow. You boys are all the same, you have changed Akash. You have changed a lot,” saying so, she disconnected the call, and also my sleep.

What was I supposed to do then? Simple, comply with her wishes. I had to make her smile (see, I am quite a responsible boyfriend). However, I didn’t know where to start from, what to find, and how to go about it.

But as they say, if you wish for something from your heart, you get it. I logged on to my PC, and after trying my luck with a few searches, I got what I wanted.

My hard work paid off and I was directed to TRESemméIndia Youtube channel. I made myself a quick cup of hot tea and browsed through the videos one by one. A lot of hair styles to choose from – and I started visualizing Sapna sporting them. Finally, I came up with the hairstyle that I felt would suit her perfectly. I took my car keys and ran out of my house.

“Sorry love, I was rude,” I called up and apologized (as always).

“It’s ok, you go to sleep,” she said slowly. I could sense the sadness in her voice.

“Can’t sleep on the road, you see. If you are not awake, come out,” I smiled.

I loved the shock on her face as she peered out of her window. She motioned me to stay where I was and quickly rushed down. God, how can someone look so cute all the time?

“What’s this? What are you up to now? It’s 3:30 am,” she said.

“I know dear, but do we have time? Isn’t the show tomorrow?” I replied.

She hugged me, and I said “Sorry” again. I told her to enter the car, and we quickly raced towards the 24X7 Supermarket Store that had newly opened in our area.

The store didn’t have much customers at this hour and we rushed to the section of Hair Products. We bought bottles of TRESemmé Climate Control Shampoo and TRESemmé Climate Control Conditioner.

“Do you know how to use them?” I asked.

“Like people normally do, right?” she asked inquisitively.

“Sapna, your hair is special. Treat it the special way,” I smiled, and continued, “Take a small amount of TRESemmé Climate Control Shampoo and apply it on wet hair. Gently massage and work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. You can repeat it one more time if you feel so. Next, you have to squeeze all the excess water out of your hair and apply an adequate amount of TRESemmé Climate Control Conditioner, from the middle to the end, till the hair feels smooth. Use a white toothed comb and comb starting from the end. Slowly move up and untangle the hair. After 2-3 minutes, rinse thoroughly,” I took a deep breath (Phew, had I memorized so much in my school days, I would have surely scored hundreds in all my papers).

“How do you know so much?” Today was surely a day of innumerable surprises for her.

“Well, love teaches you everything,” I said and saw her cheeks turn red. I was loving it. “What about the Messy Updo style?”

“What about that?” she asked.

“Sport it tomorrow. It would suit you.”

Needless to say, she emerged as the star of the show the next day.

“Thanks Akash, you saved me. I love you,” she whispered as she hugged me after the contest.

“Thanks TRESemmé, you saved me. I love you,” my mind raced with joy.

This is my official entry to the TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair contests organized by Indiblogger in association with TRESemmé India Youtube channel.


  1. Aww :)
    Is this real, or just for the contest?
    If real, congrats!
    Im back to blogging after long, and went through the rest of your posts. Must say, I really love your haikus ;)
    Keep writing!
    Hopelessly Hopeful

    1. Thanks a lot ... am glad to have you back :-)

  2. Congratulations for the contest :)

  3. This was an adorable post!
    Actually the love story outshines Tresemme. :D

    All the best!

  4. Hehe that's an adorable story :) Good luck for the contest :)