Saturday, May 18, 2013

Touching Lives Through Haiku

‘Health is wealth’ – a well known adage that most of us would agree too; very true indeed, ‘cause without taking proper care of your health and well-being, you won’t be able to relish the other wonders that life has to offer.

What’s the use of a high paying job if your unfit body disobeys the operations of the strenuous work environment, or can we enjoy an outstation vacation if our bodies do not stand up to the long distance traveling? You might be earning loads of cash, but you really need to stay fit in order to enjoy the pleasantries.

And that’s exactly where modern healthcare is touching lives today. You never know when you can fall sick. Life is unpredictable, with questions that do not always find answers. Precautions are needed, but they don’t guarantee fitness all the time. A proper medical treatment is essential when one falls sick.

Apollo Hospitals are among those centers that have really carved a niche in healthcare. The hi-tech equipments, along with caring staff members, and well designed laboratories have helped this group of hospitals in its growth all along. Apollo Hospitals have proved to the best place to be to when you need proper treatment.

Apollo Hospitals specialize in varied types of medical care. Now, I am no doctor, and neither am I a great student of medicine. Hence, to cut a long story short, I have highlighted some of the key medical treatments provided by this hospital, well, in the form of haiku (A haiku is a Japanese form of three lines poetry with a syllable count pattern of 5-7-5).

Hope against cancer
High energy radiation
Tumors treatable

Treat tumors with smile
Sub-milli accuracy
Turns you fit and fine

Bloodless liver surgery
A marvel of science

Transplanting stem cells
Forming blood cells and platelets
Ingredients for life

Hold hands tight with love
Promises everlasting
Through thorns and roses

Those tiny fingers
Curl around your silken smiles
A cry of new life

Your identity
Adorning a new color
Beauty of the soul

Past deformities
Paving way for perfection
Cyst and tumors cured

Run, jump, race and win
Hip replacement when in need
March ahead my friend

Graft vs Disease
Planting cells of brighter life
Fight against illness

One – Zero – Six – Six
Helpline, or health-line, you say
Dial when in need

Matters of the heart
Should be dealt with utmost care
And that’s what they do

A growing health hazard
Obesity, as they say
Cure before it’s late

Non-surgical, yes
A non-invasive treatment
Quick and effective

Trustworthy machines
Achieving high precision
Comfort guaranteed

Surgery of spine
Using high – end procedures
A relief for sure

Body, a puzzle
Complexities of humans
Addressed perfectly

Standing MRI
A revolution indeed
Healthcare comes of age

As a blogger who loves writing haiku poems, this was my take on Modern Healthcare. I am glad to be living in a generation with such hi-tech medical facilities, that reduces my health worries to a great extent.

Because I know, Modern Healthcare has indeed managed to touch lives, in a really big way.

This is my official entry to the Apollo Hospitals - Touching Lives contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Apollo Hospitals.


  1. Wow GS, you never cease to surprise me. That is a unique way to showcase the facilities... Each Haiku is beautifully crafted, loaded with information...My personal favorites have to the one about trauma care and infertility. Good luck for the contest!!

  2. That's pretty out of box. I love it!

    Good Luck!

  3. Haiku with modern healthcare. No wonder it's your pen! Well of luck for the contest :)

    1. Just tried this as nothing else came up in my mind :-P I am glad you liked it !!!

  4. nice set of haikus.. good read.

  5. Brilliant Haikus! Good luck, Green. :)

  6. This might be the most amazing post I've ever read...seriously. Wow. I love how you added art to raising awareness of these places that touch lives.

    1. Thanks a lot Keith ... this really means a lot to me :-)

  7. Now, this is wonderful!! All the best!:)

  8. mind blowing !!! awesome yet again !! :) lovely read !!all the best for the contest ( is this your 2nd post for the contest ? )

    1. This is my first post ... thanks so much :-)

  9. Very different take. Worth quoting. They should use your haikus effectively in their future ads.


  10. Loved your Haikus :-) all the best for the contest :-)