Sunday, January 06, 2013

If Peace Was A Word

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If peace was a word
I would have framed it in rhymes
And adorned it with syllables
Painting it with colors
That rained in the bow.

Look at the mirror
Do you smile at your fate?
Judging the destiny
That heart refuses to traverse
But you do.

Conqueror of the World
Was Alexander at Peace?

Peace bought with money
Fades away, vaporizes
And you rest alone

I sense peace
Granted by the tornado
Promises and hopes
That swirl in its waves
I held out my arms
Will it come to me?

Not today, but perhaps, someday.

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  1. peace like a that as it is a different view of peace...and may it one day find you...smiles.

  2. This was BY FAR my favorite one of yours yet sir.

  3. Your description of the word was quite creative. I'm hoping the world is enveloped in a tornado of peace. Very nice.

  4. I agree with 'Optimistic' above. This is one of your best...if not the best. I enjoyed the question about Alexander. Indeed his empire was a wonderful one, but first he had to conquer...which was far from peaceful.

  5. That's so beautifully done! Happy New Year. :-)

  6. There's some real wisdom in these lines - and I enjoyed the way you engaged the senses with your choice of words too.

  7. Such a wonderful write--Peace bought is not peace at all--

  8. And I believe that someday it will come too ~ Good one ~

  9. Peace is a word ...that's just it ... but nobody listens ... love, cat.

  10. Peace an easy term but hard to attain....your writing do wonders and make me achieve the word for few moments ...thank you :)

  11. Yes peace is indeed difficult to find--I guess we have to just keep hoping.

  12. Beautiful, If peace was a word, I would do the same...

    Peace to all!

  13. 'That rained in the bow.' What a play of words! Each stanza speaks of deep wisdom. This is certainly one of your best!!

  14. someday - we both had the same thought of peace in our poems! Every time I reread your poem I find more to enjoy in your words!

  15. I really like this, especially the first stanza :)

  16. Amen to your prayers, Speck! Let there be peace on earth...:)

  17. We do sense peace at times, all wrapped up in other things - perhaps like your tornado, these moments give us hope. A wonderful poem GS, I enjoyed it a lot.

  18. Some day peace will come - when we throw away our material desires, realising we have gifted with this precious thing that is life itself and our existence on this beautiful thing called Earth.

    Anna :o]