Tuesday, April 12, 2016

IndiPR - Where Business Meets Bloggers

Businesses, small and big, and new, are starting everywhere. They cater to different needs and have diverse organizational and social goals. For a venture to be successful, it is also important to approach the society and find a place among the masses. Now, businesses of myriad forms, including startups, can have their Press Releases published by relevant influencers within a short time of 72 hours.

IndiPR.com (https://www.indipr.com) is a blessing to businesses. It is a platform where businesses can collaborate with top bloggers and get their Press Releases published. The steps are simple too. The business just has to upload its Press Release, and voila, that's it. The 'Automated Influencer Target Engine' or AITE, accepts the applications and shortlists the bloggers on the basis of various parameters and internal ratings and rankings. Once shortlisted, the respective influencers proceed with their research and publish their articles.

Anoop Johnson, Co-founder and Director of Marketing and Indiblogger, talks about this unique initiative, "With a starting budget of just USD 150, a business of any size will be able to get their press releases published by influential bloggers with a few clicks."

IndiPR.com serves digital marketers with a variety of tasks, including, but not limited to, SEO, content marketing, generating awareness and gaining much needed conversations around the product, driven by internet users on influencer platforms like blogs.

IndiPR.com makes the work of the business easier. Earlier, the marketers faced lots of trouble in identifying and targeting each influencer. However, that is no longer the case, as illustrated by Karthik DR, Co-founder and Business Head at IndiBlogger, "The amount of time that people spend in trying to identify and contact influencers is huge. With IndiPR.com, you don't have to worry about any of this as the system just needs your Press Release. The rest is history!"

The future has lot more in store. Besides Press Releases, IndiPR.com also plans to build a system where influencers will be able to get creative assignments, get invitations to the trendiest launch events and be privy to the latest news on the planet before the world knows about it.

Renie Ravin, the Founder and CEO of IndiBlogger, states, "We believe that this system will help Influencers with fresh and new content on their site every day. In a way, you could be writing about the next Google without even realising its immense potential."

For more details, you can mail Anoop Johns at contact@indipr.com or give him a call at +91-9900-001655 or 0124-4891498.

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