Thursday, April 14, 2016


It was raining.

Little Sujatha unfolded her umbrella, trying to avoid water seeping through the holes. Fourteen lampshades were still unsold, the ones she, and her ma, made with their hands. She urged the commuters to buy, but in vain. Finally, the streets turned empty, the lights in the apartments were lit, and the rain subsided. Sujatha collected the lampshades in a bag and walked towards home.

"Maa, no one buys what we make. Why don't we use these lampshades in our own house?"

"Because, we can't afford a lamp. We live in shades, dark and lonely," Maa replied.

This 99 word fiction is shared with Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - L.

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  1. That's so true for so many people and it really is heart breaking!