Saturday, April 02, 2016


Three officers of the bomb disposal squad walked towards the bag abandoned on the railway platform. They opened it and found some clothes and two soft toys inside.

Just then, a young guy of twenty arrived there, “Hey, that’s my bag.”

The officers signalled, and two uniformed policemen grabbed the guy’s wrists.

“So the bombs are in these teddy bears?”

“No. Those are for my sister. It’s her birthday.”

Ignoring his plea, the officers tore apart the toys, only to find cotton inside.

Meanwhile, in the nearby town, a little girl awaited her birthday gift – her favourite teddy bears.

This 99 word fiction is shared with Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - B.


  1. What a bummer for the guy and the little girl. Sad statement on the way the world thinks these days, but better safe than sorry though in this case safe leads to sorry.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. It's an awesome blog.Enjoyed the whole time I spent here.Thanks