Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chasing Adventure

I wasn't born with a dictionary embedded in my mind, and a few words entered late into my vocabulary. My first tryst with the term ‘adventure’ happened when I was in the fourth grade. There were many pups in my colony, and I found them so cute that I decided to take one home. True to my intention, I picked up one and walked towards my home, when quite unexpectedly, I heard a low growl behind me. "Ah must be some silly cat," I thought. But hey, cats don’t bark, and I soon realized it when the growl turned into a loud bark. A dog, supposedly the mother of the pup had started giving me the chase. I ran for my life.

I hid in an apartment garage nearby. I wasn't eager to let go of the pup. I wanted to feed it, play with it, and make it my friend, but unfortunately, the mother dog wanted those very same things. I thought I was safe now, but no, she soon figured us out, and I was running again, the pup still in my arms.

After several zig-zag round of my colony, I finally managed to leave the dog behind. I felt victorious, the thrill emanating in the beads of sweats wrinkled on my forehead. It was adventurous, picking up the puppy, being chased by the dog, and then finding my way out of it. I went to my home and introduced my new friend to my mom. Well, you can disregard what happened next, as that’s out of the context. To state it briefly, I was ordered to keep the pup back from where I had brought it. Now, that was another adventure, keeping the puppy in front of his mother, and then escaping from her shining jaws.

I became an adventure freak soon after. Stealing mangoes from Seth ji's orchard became my favorite past time whenever I went to my village. The mangoes were delicious, and thus you can pardon me from stealing them. I, with my gang of five other boys, used to frequent the orchard late in the evening, when Seth ji was not at home. However, one day, while we were relishing the juicy ecstasy, Seth ji's car honked outside the gate. Alarmed, we all jumped from the tree to run. However, in the excitement and hullabaloo, Raja hurt his leg and started crying. Seth ji, who was initially shocked seeing all these disturbances, now regained his composure and ran behind us with sticks. We lifted Raja and fled, jumping in full force over the fence and were soon out of sight.

However, in-spite of what happened that day, we kept on visiting the orchard, eager to have the delicious fruit and prepared to embark in new adventures.

Adventures are invigorating. I am no longer a kid, but that adventure streak still lies deep within me, always looking for a new opportunity to let go of the crazy thrill. #AdventureNme bring out moments that are forever etched in my memory.

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