Monday, February 15, 2016

Dear Backbone - Please Forgive Me

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He had weird dreams, his backbone being ripped out of his body, washed and dangled by a hook to dry. He saw someone laugh at his predicament.

"Why do you need it? You never do use it. Better to give away something that you tend to cheapen."

He felt like a worm, crawling on the floor, unable to stand, stooping low.

The words pierced his ears, and he woke up with a start.

"Dear backbone. Please forgive me. I will always walk and sit straight, not lean much, and use you to the fullest," the lazy boy promised, frightened.

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  1. Wishing for such strong thoughts & backbone for all :)

  2. obviously his subconscious was telling him something.Well done

  3. I sat up straight while reading this! :D

  4. Dreams always convey something... And your post emphasizes it further!

  5. That put him on the straight and narrow! Bastet

  6. O that is so true! I guess, my backbone too will come in my dreams one day. I hope I realize soon what I do to my backbone!


  7. yes,one doesn't need a backbone if stands not straight.