Monday, March 16, 2015


sometimes no reason
leads to treason
speeding up the lane
I feel am in prison

a rivalry so old
across summers and in cold
I succumb, turn meek
my enemy grow bold

I run, I hide
long tiring strides
seeking a shelter
not being taken for a ride

alas, in vain
I can't escape the rain
drenched in defeat
my tears speak of pain

why crow why
over my head you fly
dirtying my suit
you make me cry

am I your only prey
can't you fly a different way
this gooey white crushes my spirit
please leave me alone, okay

the crow, laughs and guffaws
today's war comes to a close
tomorrow will be a new day
to run away from sticky smelly dose

we now walk our separate paths
the crow flies, I make a start
to return home, and clean myself
wash my clothes, and yet another bath

This Poem is shared with Magpie Tales.


  1. Sometimes our inside demons trouble us like this only.

  2. I remember when I was in nurses training, my nurse friend and I where competing for the best marks in class all the time ... to the point of almost destroying our friendship ... we came out being equal in finishing the program with honours ... we are still friends to this day .... Love, ct.

  3. This could be interpreted in so many ways. Nice work!

  4. The beginning of the poem brought lines on my forehead.. and then the way it turned out.. Brilliant contrast of thoughts..
    amazingly written..


  5. Like Nisha said, this could be interpreted in so many ways. So many perspectives.
    Loved it!

  6. that was fun !

  7. Im with tou, Speck ' , blow up the Poms ! Arrrr

  8. Sad if he has to go through the ordeal again...
    Nicely written!

  9. crow or not crow or not??? i am still thinking :P


  10. The poem has William Blake essence, It can be as simple as a nursery rhyme and go deep you have a whole new line of philosophy coming in....loved it

  11. One of the few poems I've read dedicated to bird droppings. Actually, well done.

  12. one is tired of life's intrigues...a stage comes when loneliness is welcome

  13. To move on, to start over again, to perk up the determination, is the key...Poignant expression!

  14. Beautiful bittersweet write...