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Redemption - Review

A Shocking Betrayal - Kari Baxter Jacobs is furious, hurt and confused. Her husband Tim, a respected professor of journalism is having an affair with a student. Stunned, Kari returns home to the Baxter family to sort things out. But when an old flame comes back into her life, she is more confused then ever. 
A Difficult Decision - How can Kari forgive her husband? What could possibly ease the pain? And what about her own revived feelings for Ryan, a man she knows she should avoid? 
A Reason to Hope, as Kari searches for answers, an unexpected discovery gives her hope for the future. But when she faces her darkest hour, can she find the faith and strength she needs to move on.

About the Authors
USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is America's #1 inspirational novelist. She has written more than forty novels and there are over 15 million copies of her award - winning books in print. Visit her website at www.KarenKingsbury.com.

Gary Smalley, America's relationship doctor, is the cofounder of the Smalley Relationship Center and the author of more than forty bestselling, award - winning books, including The Blessing, The Language of Love, and The DNA of Relationships.

There is a certain tinge of familiarity you sense when you meet the characters of Kari Baxter Jacobs and Tim Jacobs; no, not in the sequence of events that flood their lives, but in the way they face it, with faith, belief and hope. Isn't it true in the case of all of us? We commit mistakes, without realizing that we are treading towards the wrong path, but once light dawns on us, we try to move in the right direction. Humans are prone to error, but don’t we all wish for forgiveness? Are we not seeking redemption?

'Redemption', the first book in the series, is authored by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley. Based on Christian ideologies and principles, the book follows the lives of the two protagonists, and how they survive the turmoil and do their best to emerge victorious. When Kari gets to know that her husband, Professor Tim Jacobs, is dating one of his students, her world falls apart. Tim wants divorce but Kari holds on to her faith, knowing that the good Lord will set everything right. She is supported by the other members of the Baxter family, and derives strength from their love. However, when she meets her ex – flame, Ryan Taylor, a serious confrontation takes place between her mind and her heart. Memories from the past hog the present, and she finds herself going back in time. She does resist though, and as events unfold, the plot progresses into a sensitive portrayal of love and relationships.

'Redemption' does have a complex plot, with several characters, interconnected at times, the decision of one affecting the lives of others. However, full credit to the authors for presenting the story in a simple and easy – going manner, which provides a soothing and a relaxing sensation when one goes through the pages. Often, a reader would find himself questioning some of the actions in the book. Was Kari right in following her faith blindly, believing that the events which cloud our lives do happen for a reason, even though they might be bad? However, one also finds inspiration from the determination and grit exhibited by Kari against all odds, holding on to her fort when everything seemed to be crashing downwards.

The novel is descriptive, which helps in the visualization of the sequences. As the plot thickens, the story mesmerizes the readers into its subtle narration and lucid flow. It gives the impression of watching a daily soap on television, such is the beauty in its imagery. Also, each chapter heightens the curiosity of the readers, regarding what would happen next. With numerous ups and downs in the lives of the characters, there is no way we can keep the book down once we have started it.

The cover comes with a beautiful quote from the book – “Love is a decision.” Isn't that true? We fall in love, and that one moment changes the entire course of our lives, and we gradually learn to acclimatize to this change.

For anyone looking for an engrossing read, Redemption surely is the book to go to. Read it at your own pace, and get soaked in the aura of this beautiful tale of love, betrayal, relationship, trust and hope.

Title: Redemption
Authors: Gary Smalley, Karen Kingsbury
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Fiction
No. of Pages: 380
Price: Rs 299
My Rating: 4/5


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  2. Nice review.As you said 'To err is human and forgive is divine'But some people purposefully guide their self to wrong and that is the real wrong.