Friday, January 03, 2014


the pitcher
burdened with the last drop
of life
who will have it

~ o ~

one boy
one girl
in search of love
one yes
is all it takes
one no
and it just breaks

~ o ~

the lone shoe
waits for company
at the temple step

~ o ~

one promise
one smile
and at times
one tear

~ o ~

one star
shines over my rooftop
with the kite I fly

~ o ~

one rain
is all it takes
to bring back prosperity
and faith

This Small Stone is shared with Theme Thursday - One.


  1. wonderful it is...
    "one yes
    is all it takes
    one no
    and it just breaks"
    How effortlessly you have defined the beauty and simplicity of life ^_^
    Loved it...

  2. Lovely, simple, elegant... All in one :)

  3. Interesting piece, the last drop.

  4. the lone shoe at the temple doorstep is a cool simple image to me....
    a yes or no, the risk of love...

  5. just one word "fabulous"!!