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Wise Enough To Be Foolish - Review

Wise Enough to be Foolish is a fictionalized memoir that traces the journey of an Indian girl's life, with all its challenges and delightful surprises, as she blossoms from an insecure child into a confident young woman. This roller-coaster ride of adventure, laughter and heartache, as she balances her love life with her struggle for independence, will keep you guessing. What rules will she break next? How far will she go to find herself?

About The Author
Mother of two girls, amateur athlete, part-time writer, management school drop-out, traveller, entrepreneur, in full-time employment with the worlds largest escorted touring company and woman behind The Active Holiday Company, Gauri Jayaram is a little bit of many things and still not satisfied! She frequently combines her love for long distance running with rock music.

For more about the book visit www.wiseenoughtobefoolish.com.

You know that feeling you get when you cuddle up to sweet memories under your blanket, your eyes closed, the honey-dewed fragrance melting your senses, fragmenting the weary body, thus revitalizing it all over again, and soothing your tired nerves. You earn a smile, of sincerity, going with the flow, savoring the delights that life have to offer, and thanking the almighty for all and everything. You find solace, and peace, and your troubles cease to exist.

‘Wise Enough To Be Foolish’ by Gauri Jayaram serves exactly the same purpose. It’s pleasant, soft as a silk, and at times cleverly straightforward and blatant, and is a perfect interpretation of life, for who knows where life would lead to in the future. It’s best to live in the present, learn from the past, and dream for the future.

That’s what Gauri, the author, and the protagonist does. Born and brought up in a family of three, she often felt aloof. Her parents love and affection were showered towards her elder and younger siblings, and she, gradually turned out to be the black sheep in the family. She was different, and she took pride on that. Often her behavior appeared rebellious to her parents, but that’s what she was, and that’s what life had taught her to be.

Gauri found love, and lost it, umpteen times, always looking for that perfect soul mate, someone who would understand her, support her, be her guide and her pillar of strength, always forever. However, things didn't work out as expected, and relationships she valued came falling down in no time. This continued till she met her Mr. Perfect, and as they say, all’s well that ends well.

Gauri, rightly quips at a certain portion in the book – “From someone ungettable, to one who went to jail, to a Parsee priest, all the way to the one I will always love, to the man I eloped and married – it was a wild journey. And, finally, I had found love – in a man who was very like me in some ways.

That’s the path she had traveled, and we, as a reader, should be glad that she made us a part of it.
This is not just about Gauri’s quest for love, freedom and identity. Rather, this book is about each one of us, who, stuck in the busy humdrum of our lives, often choose to ignore our wishes and have learnt to wade along with the flow. This book teaches you to fight, not for anyone else, but for yourself. This is a book about chasing your dreams, listening to your heart, and living the way that makes you the happy in your own world.

Gauri’s narration is flawless, the words cleverly poised,and punctuated, that makes the story all the more realistic. We feel as if the author is right there with us, narrating the events, one page at a time, dictating from her diary. Story telling is an art, and Gauri perfects it to the T.

This book must be read, re-read and re-re-read, when you feel low, or even when you are basking in excitement. This story is for everyone, for everytime, ‘cause it is not only the author’s tale, but it is a story about all of us.

Title: Wise Enough To Be Foolish
Author: Gauri Jayaram
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Fiction
No. of Pages: 216
Price: Rs 225
My Rating: 4/5

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