Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Healthy Kid, A Healthy Nation

My eyes closed, my lips tight
And yet I know, you love me right
Enclosed in your care, I live and grow
As I remember moments, not so long ago.

A cry anew, loud and shrill,
Welcoming the world, and its thrill,
Oh, these joys of colors and light,
Learning the rules of day and night.

I grow by your side,
Enjoying the ride,
Living the days,
You teach me the ways.

And then comes the horror,
Immunization terror,
Scared of the expected pain,
My little mind goes insane.

But you hold my hands tight,
“Do not fear, it will be all right.”
True to your words, it didn't hurt,
The thought of crying evaporated in mirth.

Polio drops, BCG,
Pentaxim and Hepatitis B,
Measles, influenza and pox,
Vaccination packages in the box.

Am I now fit to walk the world?
Can I now fight the stones that are hurled?
The deeds are still half complete,
The protective layer isn't yet deep.

Healthy living is healthy eating,
Nutrients served, germs retreating,
You cook me food that’s simply the best,
They nourish me complete, and are perfect in taste.

I go out to play, cricket and football,
Outdoor sports help overall,
And a glass of milk when I return,
I grow stronger, and fitter, in turn.

As I pass through the phases of childhood,
By my side you have always stood,
It is your love and care that makes me, me
That’s why I am immune, wouldn't you agree?

You guarded me from evil,
Saved me from devil,
Instilled in me hope and freedom,
Made me the prince of your kingdom.

And that’s all what a child needs,
Toys come and go, but they don’t feed,
Children grow with parents’ love,
Immunity greets you like a pure white dove.

United we stand for a stronger nation,
Kids need care, and all the attention,
Let India be the superpower in this fitness game,
Children of this country will ignite the flame.

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This is my official entry to An Immune India contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Dabur Chyawanprash.

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  1. Fabulous re.....seriously loved it :)

  2. Beautiful words, my friend. Yes this is how children should be cared for. They deserve all of these good things. :-)

  3. Brilliantly done Amrit, the pics and the words blend really well :) Good luck for the contest.

  4. Wow... Its so cute and wonderful... You can rhyme almost everything. Its a gift :)

  5. Fascinating Amrit! Word well crafted, pics chosen creatively. If I were the jury, would have ranked this one in top five. All the best.

    Would appreciate your candid views on my post at

  6. Lovely and creative post. Really liked the pics in between the write-up! All the best!

    Would love to hear about your thoughts about my post