Sunday, June 03, 2012


It's June and another 6 months to go....

Is the world coming to an end???

No, no, no, do not get me wrong. I am not being a pessimist with a negative perception towards life, waiting for mass destruction to happen and wipe out our existence. It's just that am worried about my forthcoming examinations. With so little time left and so much (almost everything) to study, I can't stop myself from hoping for the 2012 magic.

And no, am not praying for a destruction either. What I had heard (and what was not shown in the movies) is that December 2012 (I forgot the date, it's somewhere near the winter solstice) will bring forth a new world, a world of knowledge and enlightenment, of contentment and fulfillment. It sounds straight out of the pages of a  mythological feature film, with rays of light emanating from heaven and showering on us, bestowing mankind with the much needed wisdom required to live in the modern world. The evils will be eradicated and good will flood the hearts of everyone.

                                                                                       (Image Source: Internet)

In that case, where does my exam stand? If I indeed am bestowed with that knowledge and wisdom (I will make it a point to stand on the roof when these will be showered on us, so as to absorb the maximum amount), I will not need to toil much. With this increased skill and intelligence, I may be able to score high marks in the examination without much of a labor.

But until it happens, I have to study and toil and mug up and work hard. So yes, I need to get back to my fat books and get rid of my time-wasting nature. Probably, I can re-invite this habit next year (if all goes well as expected).

Till then, keep living your lives the way you have lived till now. Enjoy the fullest and have no regrets :-)


  1. "(I will make it a point to stand on the roof when these will be showered on us, so as to absorb the maximum amount)" I will do that too! Ha ha ha, funny post indeed! Don't stress yourself much, the best thing you can do now is study cos the nearest Doomsday is your exam day, according to you though :P :D

    1. Thanks Dark Angel :-) Thanks for liking :-)

  2. :-) nice blog....and all the best for your exams

  3. this post i really like...seriously! funny, witty , evrything good :) ! oh in btw..aal the best :D