Monday, June 18, 2012

Studying The Rain

It was only yesterday when I decided to study. I took out my books, laid them in order, and started jotting down points in my notebook. With examinations attacking me from all directions, this was the only alternative I had to save myself from being wounded.

And then the clouds roared, the skies blazed, and the darkened night gave way to rain.

Thick, thunderous downpour. A satisfying rain.

Rain is lovely when you are sitting at home and not stuck outside, eager to get home or some other destination.

I decided to take advantage of my position. Studies can go to hell for the time being. It's not always that it rains like this.

I went to the porch and started enjoying the rain. Droplets fell on my face now and then, rejuvenating my tired soul.

I closed my eyes and submitted myself to this beauty of nature.


  1. Things I do while it rains : I hold hot cup of coffee and stare outside at nothingness, I watch a horror movie, I read blogs and that's what I am doing right now. It's raining here too!!! =)))

    1. Rain is beautiful...I love the melody it brings with it, and the smell, the fragrance. It's so refreshing :-)

  2. Just like Ranbir Kapoor did in wake up sid! The scene looked awesome! Wish this was a 120 minutes movie..nice one :)
    Things I do while it rains...I watch it rain..that's it :P

    1. Ha will follow soon....till then enjoy the rain.

      And thanks for liking my post :-)

  3. U will enjoy rain more ven there is xams!!!
    I totally understand!!!