Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Month Of Blogging

Yes....1 month has passed.... 1 month since I wrote my first post in this blog.

And to be honest, it feels great to be a part of this wonderful world with all the fellow bloggers whose posts I have read and enjoyed.

I know celebrating 1 month sounds really funny when there are people who have been writing since ages; but then, don't we feel exhilarated and think of celebrating 1 month of relationship, with our new found love?

Yes, love this has been; a journey that I have traveled and am looking forward to go on and on, thanks to all the comments and encouragements that I have received on my posts.

The page views are not just a number, they show the time and attention all my blogger friends have invested in reading my posts, even though those might be silly at times.

                                                                             (Image Source: Internet)

Thanks to all my friends who have clicked on the "Follow" button on my blog, providing value to my page that otherwise is just a junk of my random thoughts.

And thanks to all of you out there who go on writing and writing such wonderful posts and blogs. Your writing and way of putting forward your views really help me in learning the subtle nuances of life. Your blogs portray the variant shades of life, that I believe, will help me grow as a better human being and excel in the race to survival.

Finally, 3 cheers to blogger and the blogging world. There may be social networking sites, but nothing connects to my chords as reading the blogs and posts of others do.


  1. congratulations! I wish u go on to celebrate ur 1st year blogversary as well, with a lot more followers and pageviews and comments!!

    1. thanx Nupur... And tht wl definitely happen... i am realy addicted to blogging wl kp on writing :-)