Friday, June 27, 2014

Shall I Be Caged, Trapped

shall I be caged
digging into my conscience
I meander aloof
my thoughts in tow
and a silent raven

the dusty nooks
and hidden crevices
know not my name
but the tears
that shamelessly flow
from the mangled veins
as I grant life
to the whims of death

I run
a stranger that mocks
from the confines of the mirror
that hangs listlessly
atop my loneliness

as I smile in pain
as I weep in rain
I prefer to be bonded
forever to this chain

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  1. I loved every word of it..awesome

  2. Aww,very poignant and profound.!

  3. As I grant life to the whims of death..moving !

  4. I loved the progression here - That closing stanza was epic.

  5. This is terrific! The last stanza is undoubtedly the best one, but the whole poem is amazing. I really enjoyed reading it!

  6. I wrote a comment which vanished. Here goes again ...
    I like the poems you write about turmoil - all kinds - which a reader can instantly relate to. I have also noticed how your poetry can mean different things to different people, even if you did not intend it. I quite like that in what I like to read.
    With such apt pictures to go with the pieces, I often wonder what came first - the poem or the picture? :)

    1. I mainly write based on prompts, hence all my writings are based on the pictures or the prompts that are associated with them :-)

      Thanks so much for your kind words :-)

  7. Wow absolutely amazing Amrit! The second stanza is my favorite but every word is stunning

  8. This seems like a painful place to be at but sometimes we prefer to cling to the misery we know than leave it for the unknown.

  9. I like the idea of embracing the 'stranger' that one sees in the mirror....which sees both smiles and tears. Glad to see you at Poetry Jam, Amrit.

  10. i think there are times we all smile at the pain....there is a nice sense of the journey in this...and i agree, that last stanza brings this home nicely....

  11. such a somber and stirring poem, i could feel the pain in every line. the last para was too good.


  12. read this poem in google translation (Hindi)

    मैं दर्द में मुस्कान के रूप में
    मैं बारिश में रो के रूप में
    मैं बंधुआ किया जाना पसंद
    हमेशा के लिए इस श्रृंखला को


  13. amazing amrit :)

  14. How sad and tortured is the soul you describe! A very moving and sad piece. I hope someone can make a difference in this person's life and show them that life can include laughter and happiness. I just want to reach out and give the person you describe a big hug! Brilliant piece of writing! ♥

  15. Each line describes the pain in your heart.. Hope its a fiction nd not the truth :(

  16. Hey! I ahve nominated for The Liebster Award.... Please follow this link:

    And leep the good work going!!!

  17. I like the mystery in this. It made me read a few times and each time I had a little different take on it. Thanks for posting.

  18. Are you talking about marriage? In English we call it a ball and chain !

    1. Ha ha ... I never thought of this perspective :p

  19. From the ending lines of second stanza your poetry takes an interesting turn.
    You've beautifully depicted the feelings of helplessness and disguise.

  20. The imagery of the mirror verse is super. So many times we've looked in the mirror and thought is that really me? Nicely written.

  21. I weep in the rain - beautiful words and great images, i could reach out and embrace the emotion.

  22. You have a thing with poems...actually, you are blessed :)