Monday, May 21, 2012

Just Another Poem !!!

Why did you break open the door?
Couldn't you have stayed just a few moments more?
Why this day when we had found our way?
Oh why, why, why you gave it away?

Why are the questions still left answered?
Why this hatred when it was love we had conquered?
Why did you decide all on your own?
Why were the flowers plucked off which we had sown?

The dreams lay bare, oh they can never be real,
Even though I may try, there won't be a result,
The day when we would have won was just so near,
Why did you then step back in fear?

Tell me today, I just wanna know,
What's the reason for this crazy show?
The future is for us, can't you see?
Why talk about me and you, aren't we "we"?

The sun slid morosely behind the lakes,
I never realized to win you back, what it takes,
Too tired I was, my frail body limping,
I closed my eyes and laid down dead,
Even though my heart was still pumping.

                                                                                (Image Source: Internet)

And thus it is...

Another of my poem comes to its abrupt end,
A work of crap, can someone please help me to append,
With a pinch of light mirth I read and write,
Am no God, so why worry about wrong and right?

The angels will be there to guide my soul,
Pulling me up whenever I slip into the deep dark hole,
Life is all about loving and living,
Be what you are, believe in trust and forgiving.

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  1. I can relate to every words you said there, and who says that's crap? well, I feel people hides their real selves inside the huge mask which they wear to deceive us. Its too tough to find someone who's true to their heart. Love this poem of yours. That 'we' thing was the best! Thanks for another marvelous piece, waiting for more :)

  2. Thanks Dark Angel... It was just a lightheaded piece that I wrote. Thanks for appreciating :-)

  3. Beautiful!

    P.S: Thanks a lot for visiting by blog :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Nupur...Its motivating when good bloggers like you appreciate my work :-)

  5. "The sun slid morosely behind the lakes," Great line. Nice write indeed!

  6. Romantic turning melancholy and sad ~ Nice writing ~

  7. I guess many of us have questions that either have no answers, or no answers we want to hear.

    1. You are so true Kerry ... thanks for visiting :-)

  8. Whimsical, yet with a lot of truth about how we poets search for answers... and perfect rhymes. Nicely done :)

  9. hehe the last 2 stanzas open n honest :)

  10. Chuckles! A lot of wits,here! Green! Enjoyed the take!


  11. so well written......vivid and emotional...loved it....

  12. I remember this place of questioning.......I especially like the line "the sun slid morosely behind the lakes".....

  13. soul rendition of a troubled lovetorn heart.kudos.

  14. This was so well done...
    the soul questions and feels drained, yet the world spins and whirls and we get up again!

  15. Well done! Sad place to be--but we all go there sometime and have to find our way out--This one speaks to me--

  16. Green Speck, none of our poems are 'crap.' Know that. Some questions are never answered, but that doesn't mean that the questions are not worth asking.

  17. I see no whimsey here, only melodramatic heart break--of the most rtrue variety. Many of us can not spill out the questions that we really want answered at a break up; indeed, there doesn't seem to be a payoff for being so vulnerable. We use song instead, and here you made a good capture in a poem.

  18. Filled with yearning and need, this piece flows with an intensity that builds, stanza by stanza to the final crescendo.

  19. Wow! this is an awesomely rhymed poem with lots of true feelings...One shouldn't be selfish in love..